YumaPro SDK

YANG-Based Unified Modular Automation

YumaPro SDK is a comprehensive suite of integrated tools for automating the development of distributed network management interfaces. It features a powerful multi-protocol server that automates and unifies all network and configuration management into a single data-driven framework.

Data-driven automation slashes development costs!

You write protocol-independent code to hook the YumaPro API into your product once, no matter how many protocols you need now, or in the future!

Data-driven automation increases API consistency and stability!

Say good-bye to customer complaints because different platforms or product versions do not work the same way.


netconfd-pro Server: Multi-Protocol Network Management

  • Asynchronous Distributed Transactions: Server instrumentation code can run in the main server or in multiple sub-agents. The new SIL-SA and YControl libraries link with your process and handle all communication and transaction management with the main server
  • TCP Transport Support: NETCONF over raw TCP allows easy Wireshark debugging of NETCONF traffic
  • New Components:
    • sil-sa-app: Example SIL-SA application
    • lib_yumapro_sil-sa.so: SIL-SA registration and transaction service library; used by SIL-SA application
    • lib_yumapro_ycontrol.so: YControl message service library; used by SIL-SA application

Learn more about netconfd-pro.

yangcli-pro Client: Automated NETCONF Test and Management

  • Automatic schema retrieval support for YANG sub-modules
  • YANG module caching to improve NETCONF session efficiency
  • Session Groups to manage multiple sessions at once
  • XPath Data Templates that use global and session-specific variables to simplify scripts and device management

Learn more about yangcli-pro.

ypclient-pro C++ Client Library: Create Your Own Network Management Client Applications

  • Provides session classes to create, save and load session information
  • Provides device classes to create, save, and load device information
  • Provides a user class to create, save, and load user information
  • Includes a C wrapper to enable application creation with other languages

Learn more about ypclient-pro.



New YumaPro SDK features available in 2016/2017

  • SNMP support
  • High Availability Server support
  • Network Controller for network-wide YANG data models to simplify network element management
  • Standard RESTCONF protocol with YANG Patch edit support
  • Full JSON support in all tools
  • Distributed incremental edit database API
  • Standard IETF YANG modules for interfaces, system, and IP protocols
  • NETCONF Call Home for Server-Initiated Bootstrap through Firewalls


YumaPro SDK Release Train

To best meet the dual demands of providing our customers with both cutting edge features and maximum stability, YumaWorks will soon introduce a new release train for our toolkit – YumaPro SDK version 17.10. The first of four 17.10 beta releases will be YumaPro SDK 17.10-B1 and is coming soon. Stay tuned for details about the new features in YumaPro 17.10.

Beginning with the release of 17.10-B1, new YumaPro features will only be released in the 17.10 train. The 16.10 train will continue and provide extra stability by only including bug fixes. 15.10 will continue with only customer found bug fixes being applied to it.

Which Release Train Has Your Feature?
YANG 1.0checkcheckcheck
YANG 1.1checkcheck
High Availability (YP-HA)checkcheck
Call Homecheck
Config Templatescheck
IoT Supportcheck


Perpetual and 100% Royalty Free!

  • Perpetual License
  • Unlimited customer binary distribution of the licensed software at no charge
  • No per unit royalties

One Time Binary Licensing Fee

  • YumaPro SDK contains the entire toolkit, including yangcli-pro and the yp-client C++ Client Library
  • Everything you need to create NETCONF and RESTCONF servers, along with all the YANG modules, for your systems

Optional One Time Source Licensing Fee

  • Licenses for Source Code for
    • the Server – includes the full source code for the YumaPro SDK programs except the yp-shell CLI sources
    • the Client – includes all yangcli-pro and the yp-client C++ client source code
    • or the Complete SDK – includes the source code for the Server, yangcli-pro, yp-client, and all additional tools included in the binary SDK, such as the YANG compiler tools
  • Includes the right to use the source code to create binary programs
  • Includes the associated product binary licenses
  • Right to create and fully own derivative works
  • Ability to optimize compilation for target system needs
  • Ability to compile and use the SDK on any platform
  • Ability to compile debug images
  • Includes a 50% discount on YumaWorks’ consulting fees
  • Server and Complete Source Code licenses include a free training course for up to 8 engineers
License FeatureYumaPro SDK Binary LicenseYumaPro SDK
Server Source License
YANG Client Source LicenseYumaPro SDK
Complete Source License
Redistribution of yangcli-pro NETCONF client binariescheckcheck
Source code for yangcli-pro and yp-client NETCONF clientcheckcheck
Redistribution of netconfd-pro multi-protocol server binariescheckcheckcheck
Source code for netconfd-pro multi-protocol servercheckcheck
Source code for all tools including YANG compilercheck
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Annual Technical Support and Updates Fee per Platform1

  • Access to full technical support staff and software updates
  • Patch releases are done ASAP for severity 1 bugs
  • Patch releases are done ASAP for developer-blocking bugs
  • Patch releases are often available in less than 48 hours
  • Regular maintenance releases are done every month
  • Major upgrades are done once every 12 months

Supported Operating Systems and Architectures

<package><version>.deb8.amd64.debDebian 8Intel/AMD 64bit
<package><version>.deb9.amd64.debDebian 9Intel/AMD 64bit
<package><version>.el6.centos.x86_64.rpmCentOS 6Intel/AMD 64bit
<package><version>.el7.centos.x86_64.rpmCentOS 7Intel/AMD 64bit
<package><version>.el7.x86_64.rpmRed Hat 7Intel/AMD 64bit
<package><version>.fc26.x86_64.rpmFedora 26Intel/AMD 64bit
<package><version>.fc27.x86_64.rpmFedora 27Intel/AMD 64bit
<package><version>.fc28.x86_64.rpmFedora 28Intel/AMD 64bit
<package><version>.rpi.armhf.debRaspianARM6 or ARM7
<package><version>.u1404.amd64.debUbuntu 14.04 LTSIntel/AMD 64bit
<package><version>.u1604.ppc64.debUbuntu 16.04 LTSPowerPC 64bit
<package><version>.u1604.amd64.debUbuntu 16.04 LTSIntel/AMD 64bit
<package><version>.u1804.amd64.debUbuntu 18.04 LTSIntel/AMD 64bit
<package><version>.xil.armhf.debXillinuxARM6 or ARM7
<package><version>.opensuse.x86_64.rpmopenSUSE LeapIntel/AMD 64bit

1 Each product with a separate model number counts as an individual platform.

2 32-bit versions available on request

For more information on how to license YumaWorks software tools, please email sales@yumaworks.com.



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