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Highly Efficient Telemetry

YANG Push support in YumaPro SDK

Discover the Efficiency of YANG Push

Telemetry is critical to modern network operations.  The traditional request/response model to acquire this data uses a lot of network bandwidth.  YANG Push is a new standard from the IETF.  Periodic YANG Push is more efficient than request/response because there is no need for client requests, but duplicate updates are possible.  On-change YANG Push is 100% efficient because data is only sent when something changes.  Data is sent right away instead of waiting until the end of the periodic interval, which can dramatically reduce latency.

YumaPro supports YANG Push without requiring any SIL or SIL-SA code changes.  Any YANG data that can be retrieved from the server can also be pushed by the server.

For more information on YANG Push refer to our Knowledge Base Article “Getting Started With YANG Push”.