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De Facto Standard YANG CLI

yangcli-pro: NETCONF Client for YumaPro SDK also supports RESTCONF

What Is yangcli-pro?

yangcli-pro is a powerful network manager that is included in YumaPro SDK, our all-in-one NETCONF/YANG software design toolkit. With built-in automation, yangcli-pro lets you test and manage NETCONF and RESTCONF servers using an interactive CLI, scripts, and test-suites. It uses YANG modules directly to generate a user-friendly command line interface with context-sensitive help and many other powerful features to simplify complex network management tasks.

Features of yangcli-pro

yangcli-pro is designed with features that allow it to work as a test tool to save you time during YANG module development, or as an operational tool to simplify the management of multiple NETCONF servers at once. 

Along with these innovative features, yangcli-pro also offers the following capabilities:

  • Maximizes automation
  • Runs automatic edit testing on specified objects
  • Customizes command line behavior
  • Sends complex commands from a script or batch mode
  • Validates YANG content sent from a server
  • Controls terminal output
  • Built-in XPath monitoring
  • NETCONF notification support

Learn More About yangcli-pro

Read the yangcli-pro manual to learn more about how to use our powerful network manager to its full potential.