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Why YumaWorks?

YumaWorks is a fast-growing SDN startup developing network management and control plane automation tools, used by the world’s leading networking companies. YumaPro SDK is a multi-protocol distributed server toolkit comprised of YANG data-driven tools to automate configuration and network management interfaces. NETCONF, RESTCONF, and CLI protocols are derived from the same YANG data models to provide a consistent and protocol-independent programmatic API.

YumaPro SDK automates management plane development and run-time:

  • faster time to market
  • consistent implementation across platforms and versions
  • your engineers focus on the product features
  • YumaPro SDK keeps your product up-to-date with management standards
  • YumaPro provides the YANG-based protocols and hides the details from the instrumentation
  • YANG defines the APIs between the layers
  • YumaPro tools generate instrumentation code stubs from the YANG modules
  • your engineers fill in the code stubs with their platform code
  • the code is built and can then be dynamically loaded at run time

Benefit from our experience and expertise:

Andy Bierman, the founder of YumaWorks, has been an integral part of the IETF’s development of NETCONF & YANG and has co-authored many of the RFCs as well as in other network management areas.

YumaWorks continues to drive innovation in the NETCONF & YANG standards.

YumaWorks has more than 50 years of collective experience in the network management arena with large networking equipment vendors and service providers.

YumaWorks can help your organization shed the legacy technology of CLI & SNMP and move efficiently to the rich and robust programmatic management model of YANG over NETCONF and RESTCONF.

YumaPro offers our customers cost of ownership advantages by letting YumaWorks keep abreast of new developments and standards in the NETCONF & YANG arena and upgrading YumaPro on a regular basis with these new features.

Key YumaPro SDK product features:

YumaPro SDK server – netconfd-pro

    • the server deals with all the protocols

    • the YumaPro SDK tools create the Server Instrumentation Library (SIL) code from YANG modules

    • SIL is easily distributed with SIL-SA for Sub-Agents

    • developers only need to create the system management code

    • Multi-thread, multi-core scalability with true concurrency

    • YANG/instrumentation code (SIL/SIL-SA) dynamically loaded at runtime

    • syslog support

    • yp-shell, based on yangcli-pro, provides the YumaPro server with an IOS-like CLI shell

    • yang-api provides WEB Apps API for the YumaPro Server with HTTP/REST CRUDX operations on YANG content

    • ycontrol provides a user extensible sub-system for higher layer asynchronous operation with the server

    • DB-API provides an API so configuration edits can be sent from sub-systems to the server

    • yp-system allows flexible connection to vendor specific functions

For the full list of features see:

YumaPro SDK client – yangcli-pro

    • automatic mirror of running config

    • automatic notification setup

    • automatic config-change handling

    • automatic lock management

    • notification callback handler framework

    • extended “Tab” support for list key completion with aliases and variables

    • “?” key context-sensitive help mode

    • IOS-like configuration mode for simplified editing, using YANG node names as keywords

    • test suites are regression test templates

    • layered: suites > tests > steps, each step can be a local or remote command

    • expected result can be error, specific error, ok, data, specific data, etc.

    • users can build custom repeatable server regression test libraries for any server feature or YANG module

    • test results and reports can be generated from the last test run

    • automatic recording of tests

For the full list of features see:

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