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Call Home Configuration

Zero-touch Provisioning Through Firewalls

Call Home support for YumaPro SDK

Enabling a network device to download its configuration automatically and avoid complex end-user interaction increases the end user’s satisfaction and simultaneously reduces the service provider’s operational costs. The implementation of IETF standard Call Home (RFC 8071) in YumaPro SDK meets both of these goals. With Call Home, service providers can pre-configure a device to be automatically configured during the device’s first boot time after delivery or planned maintenance times. This is accomplished by the device “calling home” to its pre-assigned configuration manager, which then initiates a client session to apply an appropriate configuration. The “home” configuration server is equipped with a set of predefined configurations.

When a Call Home session request is received, the “home” manager determines which configuration to use based on information provided by the “call”. For more details please see Section 2.16 of the netconfd-pro User Manual.