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A Powerful YANG Driven Graphical Workbench

Looking for a solution that allows you to more intuitively manage NETCONF with a GUI (Graphical User Interface) client? You’re in the right place!

YumaBench is built on proven YumaPro SDK technology, uses a simple client/server architecture, and is simple to learn and understand:

  • Intuitively browse and edit server configurations
  • Provides context based object descriptions, data, and help
  • Use flexible filtering to zero in on monitoring of telemetry and notifications
  • Manage multiple NETCONF sessions
  • Customize Session views for productivity
YumaBench - Powerful YANG Driven Graphical Workbench - NETCONF GUI

What Is YumaBench?

YumaBench is an intuitive graphical interface to manage, configure and monitor NETCONF servers. It helps increase productivity by customizing tasks according to your needs. The newest tool in YumaPro SDK, YumaBench enables the viewing and editing of YANG data in a natural way – no XML needed.

YumaBench GUI was created with developers and network operators in mind. Its design specifications can help these professionals better manage network devices, such as routers and switches. As a part of YumaBench GUI, NETCONF protocols are also implemented to allow remote control and operation of these network devices.

Start Your 15-day Free Trial

Choose your operating system from the table below and download the YumaBench Installer.  Once your trial has expired, you can purchase an annual license from our website, listed in the “Help | License” section of the YumaBench application.

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User Manual, FAQs, and License