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Database Validation

Full YANG Validation

Database Designed for YANG

The database validation engine has been highly tuned to provide the fastest commit validation.

Step 1: YANG modules are analyzed

When the server loads a YANG module all the objects are analyzed to track changes to affected objects. All objects referenced by XPath expressions (YANG must/when/path statements) are automatically tracked. There are no YANG extensions or CLI parameters to configure.

Step 2: Object modified flags are maintained

The server keeps track of which objects have changed since the last commit
if the candidate is the target database, or the last edit-config if the running is the target database.

Step 3: Commit validation tests skip unmodified objects

Only validation tests that reference modified objects get invoked.
All other objects are quickly skipped, saving a lot of time and CPU.

Step 4: Optimized XPath evaluation for modified nodes

The XPath expression evaluation engine has been optimized to skip
over “false AND” expressions and “true OR” expressions, so XPath
evaluation can be much faster.