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Internet of Things (IoT)

Small Server Footprint for IoT

IoT support for YumaPro SDK

Internet of Things (IoT) Connectivity Management Platform

YumaPro SDK provides world-class NETCONF/YANG configuration management features to a broad range of platforms. Architectural optimizations allow you to bring YANG-based management solutions to the smallest of networking devices, including ARM 32/64-bit chipsets, and Yocto and Yocto-like solutions such as PetaLinux and VxWorks. In YumaPro SDK 17.10 and higher, support for small servers in the IoT space is achieved by shrinking the footprint of our netconfd-pro server to 2 MB while retaining full NETCONF functionality. YumaPro Server IoT includes:

  • Full transaction management
  • Complete YANG and XPath parsing and validation
  • Mature small footprint packages such as:
    • Dropbear – SSH server
    • BusyBox – suite of Linux utilities
  • gdbserver support for target board debugging
  • Static linking for uClinux as it does not support dynamic linking
  • Supports small CPU and System on Chip (SOC) with no Memory Management Unit (MMU)