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YumaPro SDK
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The YumaPro SDK doxygen browser contains documentation for each server library:

  • libyumapro_ncx : Network Configuration Extension Library. This is a core library shared by all YumaPro applications.
  • libyumapro_agt : Agent. Contains most server implementation files
  • libyumapro_ycontrol : YControl protocol. Allows the server to communicate with subsystems.
  • libyumapro_db-api : Subsystem support for the DB-API service (uses YControl for transport)
  • libyumapro_sil-sa : Subsystem support for the SIL-SA service (uses YControl for transport)
  • libyumapro_subsys-pro : Supports the netconf-subsystem-pro program and subsystem connections

The H files in all the server modules have been converted to support doxygen output.

  • netconf/src/agt
  • netconf/src/db-api
  • netconf/src/ncx
  • netconf/src/sil-sa
  • netconf/src/subsys-pro
  • netconf/src/ycontrol

Modules Page

Start on the Modules page.

This section organizes the libraries by functionality.

Use the "detail level" in the upper right corner to add or remove levels from the index tree. Level 2 is suggested to start your search.


Complete Documentation Set

All modules are documented, including internal modules that have no customer facing APIs.

Just because a function is documented in doxygen does not mean that YumaWorks will support its usage outside its intended internal usage.

The internal documentation is provided to help developers understand the code better, even if they are not supposed to use these functions directly from callback code.

Most Useful Modules

The most useful customer facing APIs can be found in a few modules:

Developer Manuals

The YumaPro Documentation Set containing all the user and developer manuals is available for online viewing.

The yumapro-doc can be found at the bottom of the YumaPro SDK Basic Download page.

The following manuals are the most useful for YANG instrumentation development:

  • YumaPro Quickstart Guide : The guide explains the basics of using the NETCONF client and server software.
  • netconfd-pro User Manual : This manual explains server operation and configuration. All the built-in operations and notifications are explained.
  • YumaPro Server Overview : This manual should be read before the Developer Manual to understand the YANG developer basics.
  • YumaPro Developer Manual : This is the main developer documentation.
  • YumaPro yp-system API Guide : This document explains how to create a yp-system library to easily integrate your system with the server. Global APIs (not associated with any YANG module) are usually defined in a yp-system library.

Developer FAQs

The YumaPro Knowledge Base contains 100s of articles to help you learn the APIs in the toolkit.

The Developer Getting Started page is a good place to start learning the basics of callback code development.

User Forum

The YumaPro User Forum is available for anyone to ask questions and get community help with YumaPro server instrumentation development.

Technical Support

Use the YumaPro Support Desk to submit a new ticket to the technical support team. This portal is only available to full SDK users, not for yumapro-sdk-basic users.

Useful Links

These WEB pages may help you find more information on NETCONF and YANG.