yumapro  23.10T-9
YumaPro SDK
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Here is a list of all modules:
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 YANG LibraryCollection of modules supported by the server
 Module ietf-yang-schema-mountYANG instrumentation library
 Module yumaworks-cert-usermapYANG instrumentation library
 Module yumaworks-grpc-monYANG instrumentation library
 Module yumaworks-lockYANG instrumentation library
 Module yumaworks-sm-yanglibYANG instrumentation library
 Module yumaworks-yang-cborYANG instrumentation library
 libyumapro_agtNETCONF Server message handler
 Agent ProfileThe agent profile is used to store most of the configuration settings
 Agent Support for YANG Schema Mount
 Agent UtilitiesContains many general utilities useful for SIL and SIL-SA code to use
 CLI and .conf File ParametersCLI utilities to process the CLI parameters at boot-time
 Configuration Edit TransactionsConfiguration editing transaction management
 Constants and Data TypesConstants and data types used for NETCONF and YANG details
 Core Agent FunctionsContains Library entry points and handles init and cleanup
 Global SIL callbacksGlobal Server callbacks to integrate vendor instrumentation into the YANG module processing
 Library ModeHandle Library mode if it is configured
 ProtocolsServer Protocol Handlers
 SIL and SIL-SA CallbacksServer callbacks to integrate vendor instrumentation into the YANG module processing
 Security FeaturesYUMA-NACM is obsolete and not supported
 SessionsNCX server sessions allow clients and subsystems to connect to the server
 Signal HandlerProcessess software interrupts from the operating system
 yp-system LibraryThe optional yp-system library provides system-wide vendor hooks into the server
 libyumapro_db-apiSubsystem support for the DB-API protocol
 DB-API Data TypesDB-API data types are used only by the db_api.c C code
 DB-API FunctionsDB-API functions are used in the db-api-app and combo-app
 libyumapro_ncxNCX Module Library Utility Functions
 Initialization and CleanupInitialize and cleanup the NCX Library
 LoggingSystem logging access functions
 NCX Data StructuresC Data Structures used to represent YANG module constructs
 NCX Error CodesError code definitions–be sure to add any err code definitions to the copy in err.c to register the errcode name, the error severity, and the error string
 NCX Library Global DataModule static data in ncx.c
 NCX UtilitiesUtlities for application layer to use
 ProtocolsProtocol support functions
 XPath SupportXPath 1.0 filtering and YANG validation
 YANGYANG 1.1 Data Modeling Language
 libyumapro_sil-saSubsystem support for the SIL-SA protocol
 Agent ProfileThe agent profile message is received from the server and processed into a local copy of the agt_profile_t structure
 Callback FunctionsSIL-SA callback functions are written for specific YANG objects
 Core FunctionsSIL-SA core functions are used to manage the subagent role in the distributed server
 Data StructuresSIL-SA data structures are used to manage the YANG instrumentation subsystem state within the distributed server
 Transaction HooksTransaction hooks allow advanced access to an edit transaction
 libyumapro_subsys-proThin client subsystem used to connect to the NCX socket for communications with the main server
 Core FunctionsSubsystem core functions are used to launch the subsystem and perform IO operations
 Utility FunctionsSubsystem utility functions are used to provide support functions to implement the subsystem
 libyumapro_ycontrolSubsystem support for the YControl protocol
 Core FunctionsYControl core functions are used by the application to control and integrate with the YControl protocol handler
 Data StructuresYControl data structures are used to manage communications state with the main server, and higher level service layers that register as a YControl service
 Input Output FunctionsYControl IO handler will create a connection and session to the main server
 Message ParsingYControl message parsing supports XML encoded communications between the main server and a subsystem
 Message Send APIsYControl message send APIs are used to send any of the subsystem message types to the main server
 Message UtilitiesYControl message utilities are used internally to construct messages to the main server and receive messages from the main server
 SessionsYControl session handler will create and manage session control blocks for the subsystem
 Signal HandlerYControl session handler will create and manage session control blocks for the subsystem