yumapro  20.10-12
YumaPro SDK
Here is a list of all modules:
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 libyumapro_agtNETCONF Server message handler
 Agent Profile
 Agent Utilities
 CLI and .conf File Parameters
 Configuration Edit Transactions
 Constants and Data Types
 Core Agent Functions
 Library Mode
 SIL and SIL-SA Callbacks
 Security FeaturesYUMA-NACM is obsolete and not supported
 Signal Handler
 yp-system Library
 libyumapro_db-apiSubsystem support for the DB-API protocol. Used to send GET and EDIT requests to the server via a backdoor on a subsystem connected to the server
 DB-API Data Types
 DB-API Functions
 libyumapro_ncxNCX Module Library Utility Functions
 Initialization and Cleanup
 NCX Data Structures
 NCX Error Codes
 NCX Library Global Data
 NCX Utilities
 XPath Support
 libyumapro_sil-saSubsystem support for the SIL-SA protocol. Used to implement YANG module instrumentation on a subsystem
 Agent Profile
 Callback Functions
 Core Functions
 Data Structures
 Transaction Hooks
 libyumapro_subsys-proThin client subsystem used to connect to the NCX socket for communications with the main server. This library can be used as a stand-alone program to produce the netconf-subsystem-pro program. It is also linked into subsystems to allow them to connect to the NCX socket like the SSH thin client
 Core Functions
 Utility Functions
 libyumapro_ycontrolSubsystem support for the YControl protocol. Used to implement subsystem to main server communications
 Core Functions
 Data Structures
 Input Output Functions
 Message Parsing
 Message Send APIs
 Message Utilities
 Signal Handler