yumapro  20.10-10
YumaPro SDK

Server Protocol Handlers. More...

Collaboration diagram for Protocols:


 <ncx-connect> Handler
 First message sent on an incoming connection from SSH and other protocols.
 Database API for subsystems.
 JSON Output Functions.
 Load and Unload YANG
 Load and unload SIL libraries at run-time.
 NETCONF protocol handler.
 Client Notification Support for NETCONF and RESTCONF.
 RESTCONF Protocol Support.
 Server interface to net-snmp agent for SNMP support.
 Subtree Filtering
 Subtree Filtering used by NETCONF and RESTCONF Operations.
 XML Message Processing Support.
 XPath Filtering
 XPath Filtering used by NETCONF and RESTCONF Operations.
 YANG Actions
 YANG actions are like RPC handlers embedded within YANG data.
 YANG Library
 The YANG Library contains conformance information that reflects the modules, features, and deviations loaded into the server.
 YANG Patch
 YANG Patch server implementation.
 YANG Validation
 YANG Validation control and instrumentation callbacks.
 YANG-API and DB-API Support
 YANG-API and DB-API message support.
 YControl protocol is used by services between the main server and subsystems.
 YumaPro gNMI implementation integrated into the server.
 Service layer for High Availability (YP-HA).
 libcurl Support
 libcurl is used to support the NETCONF :url capability.

Detailed Description

Server Protocol Handlers.

Northbound client protocols are NETCONF, RESTCONF, YP-GNMI, and SNMP. Internal YControl subsystem protocol is also used.