yumapro  23.10T-9
YumaPro SDK
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NETCONF protocol handler. More...

Collaboration diagram for NETCONF:


 <get-support-save> Operation
 The Support Save feature is used to gather server info for the vendor and YumaWorks technical support teams.
 <hello> Message Handler
 Processes the NETCONF <hello> message.
 Call Home Support
 CallHome allows the server to initiate the TCP connection to the client that is used for the NETCONF session.
 Capabilities Handler
 NETCONF protocol capabilities handler.
 Configuration Templates
 Configuration templates allow pre-configured YANG subtrees to be applied to incomplete edits to produce a complete subtree.
 NETCONF Monitoring
 YANG module ietf-netconf-monitoring implementation.
 NETCONF Operations
 Implements RFC 6241 protocol operations.
 NMDA Support
 NMDA protcol oprtations for NETCONF.
 OpenSSL Support
 NETCONF over TLS support using OpenSSL library APIs.
 Partial Lock Operations
 Partial Lock Operations from RFC 5717.
 RPC Error Handling
 NETCONF RPC Error Handling.
 Remote Procedure Call (RPC)
 NETCONF Remote Procedure Call Support.
 Time Filtered Retrieval
 Retrieve data with 'if-modified-since' Time Filtering.
 Yuma System Modules
 Supports yuma-system and yumaworks-system modules.
 YumaPro <get-bulk> Operation
 <get-bulk> is used to iterate efficiently through a YANG list.
 YumaPro Module Tag Filtering
 YumaPro module tags implementation, if –with-modtags is true.

Detailed Description

NETCONF protocol handler.

Implements ietf-netconf module and RFC 6241