yumapro  20.10-13
YumaPro SDK
<ncx-connect> Handler
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status_t agt_connect_init (void)
 Initialize the agt_connect module. More...
void agt_connect_cleanup (void)
 Cleanup the agt_connect module. More...
boolean agt_connect_dispatch (ses_cb_t *scb, xml_node_t *top)
 Handle an incoming <ncx-connect> request. More...

Detailed Description

First message sent on an incoming connection from SSH and other protocols. The <ncx-connect> message is used to establish a session with another process or a subsystem on another host.

NCX connections

Function Documentation

◆ agt_connect_cleanup()

void agt_connect_cleanup ( void  )

Cleanup the agt_connect module.

Unregister the top-level NCX <ncx-connect> element

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◆ agt_connect_dispatch()

boolean agt_connect_dispatch ( ses_cb_t *  scb,
xml_node_t *  top 

Handle an incoming <ncx-connect> request.

scbsession control block
toptop element descriptor
TRUE if scb is still valid
FALSE if scb has been deleted during this call
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◆ agt_connect_init()

status_t agt_connect_init ( void  )

Initialize the agt_connect module.

Adds the agt_connect_dispatch function as the handler for the NCX <ncx-connect> top-level element.

NO_ERR if all okay, the minimum spare requests will be malloced
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