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xml_node_t Struct Reference

gather node data into a simple struct. More...

#include <xml_util.h>

Data Fields

xml_nodetyp_t nodetyp
 XML tag type.
xmlns_id_t nsid
 namespace ID
xmlns_id_t contentnsid
 namespace of content
const xmlChar * module
 YANG module found for this node.
const xmlChar * badns
 set if nsid == xmlns_inv_id()
xmlChar * qname
 qualified name of element
const xmlChar * elname
 element name without any prefix
const xmlChar * simval
 simple value if this is an XML_NT_STRING node
uint32 simlen
 length of the simple value string
xmlChar * simfree
 non-NULL if simval is freed
int depth
 XML node depth.
xml_attrs_t attrs
 attributes parsed for this node if XML_NT_EMPTY or XML_NT_START

Detailed Description

gather node data into a simple struct.

If a simple value is present, the simval pointer will be non-NULL and point at the value string after it has been trimmed and any character entities translated

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