yumapro  21.10T-12
YumaPro SDK

Implements yumaworks-event-stream module. More...

Collaboration diagram for Event Streams:


status_t y_yumaworks_event_stream_init (const xmlChar *modname, const xmlChar *revision)
 initialize the yumaworks-event-filter server instrumentation library More...
void y_yumaworks_event_stream_cleanup (void)
 cleanup the server instrumentation library More...

Detailed Description

Implements yumaworks-event-stream module.

Requires –with-yumaworks-event-stream=true.

Function Documentation

◆ y_yumaworks_event_stream_cleanup()

void y_yumaworks_event_stream_cleanup ( void  )

cleanup the server instrumentation library

Called by the server during shutdown.

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◆ y_yumaworks_event_stream_init()

status_t y_yumaworks_event_stream_init ( const xmlChar *  modname,
const xmlChar *  revision 

initialize the yumaworks-event-filter server instrumentation library

modnamerequested module name
revisionrequested version (NULL for any)
error status
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