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ncx_module_t Struct Reference

representation of one module or submodule during and after parsing More...

#include <ncxtypes.h>

Collaboration diagram for ncx_module_t:

Data Fields

dlq_hdr_t qhdr
 queue header
xmlChar * name
 module name
xmlChar * version
 module revision; this is allowed to be NULL in YANG identifying the one and only revision of the module that is possible
xmlChar * ocversion
xmlChar * organization
 organization-stmt (not saved on server)
xmlChar * contact_info
 contact-stmt (not saved on server)
xmlChar * descr
 description-stmt (not saved on server)
xmlChar * ref
 reference-stmt (not saved on server)
xmlChar * ns
 namespace URI More...
xmlChar * prefix
 module prefix More...
xmlChar * xmlprefix
 assigned prefix (may be different than YANG prefix) More...
xmlChar * source
 full YANG/YIN filespec
xmlChar * sid_source
 full SID filespec if WITH_YANG_CBOR enabled
xmlChar * belongs
 set if submod
struct ncx_module_t_ * parentmod
 backptr set if submod
const xmlChar * sourcefn
 ptr to fn in source
const xmlChar * belongsver
 back ptr to mod ver
xmlns_id_t nsid
 assigned by xmlns
ncx_yang_version_t langver
 YANG lang. More...
uint32 flags
 internal flags
boolean ismod
 module/submodule keyword
boolean stmtmode
 T: save yang_stmt_t.
boolean added
 T: don't free on err.
boolean supported
 T: load: F: import only.
boolean defaultrev
 T: use for default ver.
boolean defaults_added
 agt: for mod load
boolean dev_module
 T: deviation; F: normal.
boolean ocpattern_mode
 T: openconfig patterns.
status_t status
 module parse result
uint32 errors
 yangdump results
uint32 warnings
 yangdump results
dlq_hdr_t revhistQ
 Q of ncx_revhist_t.
dlq_hdr_t importQ
 Q of ncx_import_t.
dlq_hdr_t includeQ
 Q of ncx_include_t.
dlq_hdr_t typeQ
 Q of typ_template_t.
dlq_hdr_t groupingQ
 Q of grp_template_t.
dlq_hdr_t datadefQ
 Q of obj_template_t.
dlq_hdr_t extensionQ
 Q of ext_template_t.
dlq_hdr_t deviationQ
 Q of obj_deviation_t.
dlq_hdr_t featureQ
 Q of ncx_feature_t.
dlq_hdr_t identityQ
 Q of ncx_identity_t.
dlq_hdr_t appinfoQ
 Q of ncx_appinfo_t.
dlq_hdr_t typnameQ
 Q of ncx_typname_t.
dlq_hdr_t saveimpQ
 Q of yang_import_ptr_t. More...
dlq_hdr_t stmtQ
 Q of yang_stmt_t. More...
struct ncx_module_t_ * parent
 if this is a submodule
dlq_hdr_t allincQ
 Q of yang_node_t to track all submodules. More...
dlq_hdr_t incchainQ
 used if parent == NULL
ncx_list_t devmodlist
 for deviations list
uint32 line_count
boolean unloadable
 T: unload allowed.
boolean unload_active
 T: unload in progress.
boolean mounted
 T: SM mounted module.
struct ncx_sm_rootcb_t_ * rootcb
 Schema Mount pointers. More...
boolean sid_file_done
 YANG_SID data used to support CBOR message encoding flag indicates SID file load has been attempted.
ncx_sid_t yang_sid
 If the module SID is set then the SID file load is assumed to have worked.
uint32 yang_sid_tree
 SID tree assignment if yang_sid is used.
boolean redo_loadmod
 True if the sil-sa-app is resyncing with the server and the ncx_invoke_load_callbacks is needed one time after the resynch in case a bundle is being loaded.

Detailed Description

representation of one module or submodule during and after parsing

Field Documentation

◆ allincQ

dlq_hdr_t allincQ

Q of yang_node_t to track all submodules.

used if parent == NULL

◆ langver

YANG lang.

ver used

◆ ns

xmlChar* ns

namespace URI

malloc:main, copy:submod

◆ prefix

xmlChar* prefix

module prefix

may be empty in a submod

◆ rootcb

struct ncx_sm_rootcb_t_* rootcb

Schema Mount pointers.

back-ptr to SM root CB

◆ saveimpQ

dlq_hdr_t saveimpQ

Q of yang_import_ptr_t.

saved from pcb->allimpQ

◆ stmtQ

dlq_hdr_t stmtQ

Q of yang_stmt_t.

saved for top, yang, docmode

◆ xmlprefix

xmlChar* xmlprefix

assigned prefix (may be different than YANG prefix)

will be diff. if duplicate

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