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GET2 callback handler. More...

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status_t agt_get2_init (void)
 Initialize the Get2 module. More...
status_t agt_get2_init2 (void)
 Initialize the Get2 module (phase II init) More...
void agt_get2_cleanup (void)
 Cleanup the Get2 module. More...
status_t agt_get2_wrapper (ses_cb_t *scb, xml_msg_hdr_t *msg, getcb_get2_t *get2cb)
 GET2 WRAPPER. More...

Detailed Description

GET2 callback handler.

The retrieval API uses the getcb_get2_cb_t to manage retrieval transactions with SIL ot SIL-SA GET2 callbacks.

Function Documentation

◆ agt_get2_cleanup()

void agt_get2_cleanup ( void  )

Cleanup the Get2 module.

Called by the server during shutdown.

◆ agt_get2_init()

status_t agt_get2_init ( void  )

Initialize the Get2 module.

status of the initialization procedure

◆ agt_get2_init2()

status_t agt_get2_init2 ( void  )

Initialize the Get2 module (phase II init)

status of the initialization procedure
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◆ agt_get2_wrapper()

status_t agt_get2_wrapper ( ses_cb_t scb,
xml_msg_hdr_t msg,
getcb_get2_t get2cb 


Used as the obj_template_t get2cb function if there are any remote subsystems that have registered for this object

Callback function for server object handler get2 callback Used to provide main and/or subsystem retrieval of instances of a specific named object

scbsession control block making the request
msgincoming xml_msg_hdr from the rpc_msg_t in progress
[in,out]get2cbGET2 control block to use
  • get2cb.return_keyQ is filled with malloced val_value_t nodes if this is a list
  • get2cb.return_valQ is filled with malloced val_value_t nodes if the choice, container, or list has terminal nodes
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