yumapro  20.10-12
YumaPro SDK
YANG Data Structures
Collaboration diagram for YANG Data Structures:


 External Statement (ncx_appinfo_t)
 External yang-data structures
 General Data Structures
 YANG Binary Data (ncx_binary_t)
 YANG Bit Statement (ncx_bit_t)
 YANG Deviation
 YANG Enum Statement (ncx_enum_t)
 YANG Error Info (ncx_errinfo_t)
 YANG Extension Statement (ext_template_t)
 YANG Feature Statement
 YANG Identity Statement (ncx_identity_t)
 YANG Import Statement (ncx_import_t)
 YANG Include Statement (ncx_include_t)
 YANG Objects
 YANG Type Name (ncx_typname_t)
 YANG grouping statement (grp_template_t)

Detailed Description

Internal structures representing YANG module constructs. Used within the compiler and sometimes SIL code to get YANG object properties.