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Download YumaPro SDK Basic

YumaPro SDK Basic now available for free download from YumaWorks

What’s included in YumaPro SDK Basic?

  • netconfd-pro server
  • yangdump-sdk: YANG compiler for automatic code generation
  • All programs included in YumaPro Client
  • see our YumaPro SDK Basic FAQ for more details

As shown in the diagram below, YumaPro SDK Basic includes a subset of YumaPro SDK’s full set of available tools, features and APIs.  This allows for a seamless upgrade to the full YumaPro SDK from YumaPro SDK Basic without the need to rewrite any code.

YumaPro Basic Feature Comparison Chart

FeatureYumaPro SDK BasicYumaPro SDK BinaryYumaPro SDK Source
NETCONF protocolcheckcheckcheck
RESTCONF protocolcheckcheckcheck
Embedded CLIcheckcheck
Call Home over NETCONF supportcheckcheckcheck
gNMI supportcheckcheck
gRPC supportcheckcheck
YANG Push supportcheckcheckcheck
SNMP supportcheckcheck
yangcli-pro NETCONF client and test toolcheckcheckcheck
yp-client NETCONF and RESTCONF client librariescheckcheck
YANG compilercheckcheckcheck
Automatic code generationcheckcheckcheck
Load and unload YANG modules at run-timecheckcheckcheck
Full set of user callbacks for transaction handlingcheckcheckcheck
System callbacks for easy embedded device integrationcheckcheckcheck
Distributed instrumentation (sub-agents)checkcheckcheck
Integration with existing databases and CLI (DB-API)checkcheckcheck
Static libraries for yp-client applicationscheckcheck
Static libraries for SIL-SA applicationscheckcheck
Static libraries for DB-API applicationscheckcheck
YANG 1.1 supportcheckcheckcheck
NMDA supportcheckcheckcheck
High Availability support (YP-HA)checkcheck
Concurrent client sessionscheckcheck
Multicore concurrent operationscheckcheck
ARM 32-bit supportcheckcheck
ARM 64-bit supportcheckcheck
yocto/bitbake supportcheck
PetaLinux supportcheck
Mentor Embedded Linux supportcheck
Many standard YANG modules includedcheckcheckcheck
Access to YumaWorks' Knowledge Basecheckcheckcheck
Access to YumaPro Doxygen Browser for Module, Data Structure and File APIscheckcheckcheck
Access to YumaPro User Forumcheckcheckcheck
Gold-level technical support available (NETCONF and RESTCONF)checkcheck
Platinum-level technical support available (All Northbound Protocols)checkcheck
Create custom imagescheck
Create debug imagescheck
Release frequencyEvery 3 to 6 monthsMonthlyMonthly
* Source snapshots available in as little as 48 hours for Sev1 and Sev2 bugs.
Regular releases done monthly.