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YumaWorks Products

At Yumaworks, we develop YANG data-driven network management and automation solutions for leading network companies worldwide. 

Here you can check out our YANG model tools and their product features.

yang tools for network management and automation

YumaPro Client 

The YumaPro Client is a free client software that releases quarterly updates. Its features include a NETCONF client, a YANG validator, and a YANG comparison tool. 

YumaPro SDK Features & YANG Tools

YumaPro SDK is a full SDK for NETCONF/YANG, with features including NETCONF protocol, YANG compiler, and automatic code generation. Some built-in tools included in YumaPro SDK are: 

  • YumaBench: This is a graphical interface for editing and viewing  NETCONF servers. It lets you manage multiple sessions at a time, and you can configure YANG data with no XML needed. 
  • YumaPro Server Toolkit: This is a multi-protocol management server toolkit allowing developers to create independent management interfaces for your devices. Written in C POSIX, the source can be easily integrated into your systems. 

The SDK has three categories: Basic, Binary, and Source. 

SDK Basic

The YumaPro SDK Basic is a full NETCONF server development toolkit for developing and testing YANG modules. It features NETCONF with SSH and TLS support, Call Home, YANG Push support, and a NETCONF client and test tool. New versions are typically released every three to six months. 

SDK Binary

A subset of SDK Basic, Binary has additional features including RESTCONF protocol, gNMI support, SNMP support, and NETCONF and RESTCONF client libraries. Furthermore, new versions are released monthly instead of quarterly.

SDK Source

SDK Source also has the same features as SDK Binary, in addition to letting you create custom images and debug images for better development time. YumaWorks also releases new versions monthly.

Contact Us for More YumaPro YANG Model Tools Details

YumaWorks offers YumaPro SDK evaluations to help you get the necessary YANG tools and services for your organization’s needs. Contact us today, and we’ll provide more information on the solutions you’re looking for.

YumaWorks Product Comparison

ProductSupportReleasesFeature Highlights
YumaPro Client

  • yangcli-pro: a powerful and flexible NETCONF Client
  • yangdump-pro: a robust YANG validator
  • yangdiff-pro: a useful YANG comparison tool
YumaPro SDK Basic

  • YANG, NETCONF, RESTCONF, and Call Home
  • NETCONF Access Control Model
  • High performance server
  • Tools to automate and optimize development and testing of instrumentation
  • All code developed can be used without modification in the full YumaPro SDK
YumaPro SDK Binary

  • All YumaPro SDK Basic features
  • gNMI, gRPC (optional)
  • 1:N Active/Standby High Availability
  • Distributed sub-agents
  • POSIX thread support for concurrent sessions
  • APIs to integrate with external services
YumaPro SDK Source

Premium+Monthly plus snapshots available by request
  • Includes access to all YumaPro SDK Binary products
  • Creates all versions of YumaPro SDK Binary
  • Optimize development time - build debug images
  • Build custom binaries for your platform - Yocto/embedded/IoT
  • Many built in make flags for optimized binary creation
  • Priority bug fixes - developer blocking snapshots available in as little as 48-hours
  • For more information see Licensing Details