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YANG Tools for Network Automation Management

YumaWorks Product Comparison

ProductSupportReleasesFeature Highlights
YumaPro Client

  • yangcli-pro: a powerful and flexible NETCONF Client
  • yangdump-pro: a robust YANG validator
  • yangdiff-pro: a useful YANG comparison tool
YumaPro SDK Basic

  • YANG, NETCONF, Call Home
  • NETCONF Access Control Model
  • High performance server
  • Tools to automate and optimize development and testing of instrumentation
  • All code developed can be used without modification in the full YumaPro SDK
YumaPro SDK Binary

  • All YumaPro SDK Basic features
  • gNMI (optional)
  • 1:N Active/Standby High Availability
  • Distributed sub-agents
  • POSIX thread support for concurrent sessions
  • APIs to integrate with external services
YumaPro SDK Source

Premium+Monthly plus snapshots available by request
  • Includes access to all YumaPro SDK Binary products
  • Creates all versions of YumaPro SDK Binary
  • Optimize development time - build debug images
  • Build custom binaries for your platform - Yocto/embedded/IoT
  • Many built in make flags for optimized binary creation
  • Priority bug fixes - developer blocking snapshots available in as little as 48-hours
  • For more information see Licensing Details