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YANG Models

YANG module publishers

YANG Data Modeling

The YANG data-modeling language has emerged as the industry standard method to programmatically define the features and capabilities of networking elements across service solutions. This is reflected in the widespread development and standardization of thousands of YANG models by a wide range of Industry Standards Organizations (ISOs) and consortiums, including:

Programmatically defined networking elements provide rapid service creation and configuration to meet customer expectations in today’s “always on” world. In addition, programmable systems improve system reliability and drastically reduces downtime. These benefits are the driving force behind the massive uptake of NETCONF and YANG.

As the YANG language matures with additional features to enable new solutions, the complexity and scope of YANG models increases. YumaPro SDK helps automate the creation of instrumentation to provide consistent and reliable implementation of any standard YANG, including YANG modules published by the organizations mentioned above.