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REST-based Configuration Management with YANG

RESTCONF support for YumaPro SDK

The YumaPro SDK RESTCONF interface

RESTCONF is a REST like protocol running over an HTTP interface to access the YumaPro NETCONF server datastores. The RESTful interface provides a familiar model to a mature WEB development eco-system that includes:

  • large pool of experienced developers
  • many development tools
  • support by most integrated development environments (IDEs)
  • part of the standard CS educational curriculum

The REST resource model allows efficient management:

  • entity tags are fully supported for caching and multi-client edit protection
  • better encoding efficiency using JSON encoding, entity tags, and HEAD method
  • flexibility with JSON or XML encoding options
  • Server Notifications with standard W3C Server-Side Events

RESTCONF Operations:

  • NETCONF: subtree specifies data node targets
  • RESTCONF: request URI specifies target resource

For more details about RESTCONF please see IETF RFC 8040