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YANG Compare

Easily Track YANG Changes Over Time

Compare YANG with yangdiff-pro

A major issue implementing network management systems is providing a consistent management model and making sure versions of the model are in sync and correctly deployed. YANG modules can have different versions in various stages of the modules life cycle such as development, testing or deployment or over time newer versions are created.

To help with this issue YumaWorks offers yangdiff-pro, an automated YANG comparison tool.

The yangdiff-pro program is used to compare two revisions of the same YANG file.

Features of yangdiff-pro

  • The conceptual YANG object trees are compared, not the actual YANG statements
  • Two separate subtrees of modules can be compared, not just 1 file at a time
  • A differences report is generated with an easy to read format  and can be configured with 2 different levels of verbosity
  • A YANG revision statement can be automatically generated instead of a list of differences. This will include an English text summary of the differences found


For more information please refer to the YumaPro yangdiff-pro Manual.