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Licensing Information

Flexible YumaPro Licensing Options

Choose Your Optimal License Model

  • Per unit royalty with royalty buyout available upon request
  • Fixed Binary License fee per annum per platform1

Optional Professional Support and Update Fee

  • Annual license fee for YumaWorks Professional Support and Updates
  • Regular maintenance releases are provided every month
  • Major upgrades are provided once every 12 months
  • Custom support plans available

Optional One Time Source Licensing Fee

  • Licenses for Source Code for
    • the Server – includes the full source code for the YumaPro SDK programs except the yp-shell CLI sources
    • the Client – includes all yangcli-pro and the yp-client C++ client source code
    • or the Complete SDK – includes the source code for the Server, yangcli-pro, yp-client, and all additional development tools such as the YANG compiler tools
    • the YumaPro Google RPC Network Management Interface (yp-gnmi) application that provide gNMI access and notifications for YumaPro servers
  • Includes the right to use the source code to create binary programs
  • Right to create and fully own derivative works
  • Ability to optimize compilation for target system needs
  • Ability to compile debug images
  • See “MORE INFO” for additional details

1 A Platform is a product and its various sub-components. Different variants of the same product do not count as new platforms. For example, ACME Co. makes 8-port, 16-port, and 24-port variants of its ACME-F100 router. ACME-F108, ACME-F116, and ACME-F124; all are counted collectively as one platform.