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Licensing Information

Flexible YumaPro Licensing Options

Choose Your Optimal License Model

  • Per unit royalty with quantity discounts and buyout options available
  • Fixed Binary License fee per annum

Optional Professional Support and Update Fee

  • Annual license fee for YumaWorks Professional Support and Updates
  • Regular maintenance releases are provided every month
  • Major upgrades are provided once every 12 months
  • Custom support plans available

Optional One Time Source Licensing Fee

  • Licenses for Source Code for
    • the Server – includes the full source code for the YumaPro SDK programs except for the yp-shell CLI sources
    • the Client – includes all yangcli-pro and the yp-client C++ client source code
    • or the Complete SDK – includes the source code for the Server, yangcli-pro, yp-client, and all additional development tools such as the YANG compiler tools
    • the YumaPro Google RPC Network Management Interface (yp-gnmi) application that provides gNMI access and notifications for YumaPro servers
  • Includes the right to use the source code to create binary programs
  • Right to create and fully own derivative works
  • Ability to optimize compilation for target system needs
  • Ability to compile debug images

YumaPro SDK Source Code Licensing Details

License FeatureYumaPro SDK
Server Source License
YANG Client Source LicenseYumaPro SDK
Complete Source License
Source code for yp-shell and yp-client NETCONF clientcheckcheck
Source code for netconfd-pro multi-protocol servercheckcheck
Source code for all tools including YANG compilercheck

Optional: Professional Support and Feature Updates for Source Code Licensees

  • Access to full technical support staff and software updates
  • Snapshot releases are done ASAP for severity 1 bugs
  • Snapshot releases are done ASAP for developer-blocking bugs
  • Snapshot releases are often available in less than 48 hours
  • Regular maintenance releases are done every month
  • Major upgrades are done once every 12 months

Supported Operating Systems and Architectures

FolderOperating SystemCPU
deb10Debian 10checkcheck
deb11Debian 11checkcheck
deb12Debian 12checkcheck
el7CentOS 7, Oracle Linux 7, and
Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7
el8CentOS Stream 8, Oracle Linux 8, and
Red Hat Enterprise Linux 8
el9CentOS Stream 9, Oracle Linux 9, and
Red Hat Enterprise Linux 9
fc37Fedora 37checkcheck
fc38Fedora 38checkcheck
fc39Fedora 39checkcheck
rpi3Raspberry Pi OS 10check
u1804Ubuntu 18.04 LTScheckcheck
u2004Ubuntu 20.04 LTScheckcheck
u2204Ubuntu 22.04 LTScheckcheck

For example: yumapro-sdk-23.10-4.u2204.amd64.deb

yumapro-sdk == package name

23.10 == major release number

4 == minor release number

u2204 == OS

amd64 == CPU

deb == Package

This binary can be found in the folder:


For more information on how to license YumaWorks software tools, please email or click the More Info button below.