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Licensing Information

YumaPro SDK Licensing Information

Perpetual and 100% Royalty Free!

  • Perpetual License
  • Unlimited customer binary distribution of the licensed software at no charge
  • No per unit royalties

Optional One Time Source Licensing Fee

  • Licenses for Source Code for
    • the Server – includes the full source code for the YumaPro SDK programs except the yp-shell CLI sources
    • the Client – includes all yangcli-pro and the yp-client C++ client source code
    • or the Complete SDK – includes the source code for the Server, yangcli-pro, yp-client, and all additional development tools such as the YANG compiler tools
  • Includes the right to use the source code to create binary programs
  • Right to create and fully own derivative works
  • Ability to optimize compilation for target system needs
  • Ability to compile and use the SDK on any platform
  • Ability to compile debug images
  • Includes a 50% discount on YumaWorks’ consulting fees
  • Server and Complete Source Code licenses include a free training course for up to 8 engineers