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Multi-Protocol Network Management Server Toolkit

Multi-protocol Server

Multi-protocol Server Architecture

Multi-Protocol Network Management Server Toolkit

The YumaPro Server tool-kit provides developers with a powerful framework for rapidly creating protocol-independent management interfaces for any kind of device that has configuration parameters to set, operational data to monitor, and/or notifications to send.

Easy to use tools, including 100% source code!

The YumaPro Server source code is written entirely in POSIX compliant C. It is well-documented and easy to customize and integrate into embedded systems. The source license includes all server source code used at run-time.

Simple Development Process!

Creating new management interfaces for your products is easy with YumaPro Server tools:

  • Start with a service or product component that needs to be managed, and decide what parameters, operational data, and notifications are needed
  • Write a YANG module to represent the data model for this new feature or use an existing module from a standards organization
  • Make sure the YANG module compiles correctly with the yangdump-pro YANG compiler
  • Create all the C stub code for the server instrumentation library (SIL) with the make_sil_dir_pro script
  • Fill in the SIL C functions that set configuration values, get operational data values, and/or generate notification events
  • Run make to compile your SIL code and make install to install it
  • That’s it! The module and the SIL code can be loaded into YumaPro Server at run-time with no service interruption with the special load operation!