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Google’s Efficient Binary Data Transfer

Google’s gRPC

YumaPro provides Google’s gRPC functionality with a gRPC server controlled and monitored by YumaPro’s netconfd-pro server.

Features include:

  • Developers provide .proto files
  • The platform is ypgrpc-go-app, the application is maintained in Golang as well as the gRPC server and server stub code
  • The client gRPC code can be maintained in any language and can be used by any other tool to send a gRPC request for the data, it can be auto generated code, GUI tools, or CLI tools, etc
  • Client sends gRPC requests directly to the ypgrpc-go-app
  • Subsystem reports when gRPC stream starts and ends to the netconfd-pro server for monitoring information
  • Stub code is generated using protoc tool
  • Stub code is integrated into ypgrpc-go-app similar to db-api-app

All possible gRPC scenarios are supported:

  • empty request/response
  • one request/one response
  • server-side streaming RPC
  • client-side streaming RPC
  • bidirectional streaming

ypgrpc-go-app registers its capabilities and details with YumaPro’s server, netconfd-pro. This includes the following:

  • List of available Services
  • List of available RPCs
  • List of open streams and when they were started
  • Counters to keep track of open and closed streams
  • List of supported .proto files
  • Name, address and the port number of the gRPC server and when it was started
  • RPC operation to shutdown the gRPC server

For more details please see the YumaPro gRPC Manual.