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Powerful Integration with Legacy SNMP MIBS

YumaPro SDK  allows you to incrementally access your legacy SNMP Management Information Base (MIBs) while migrating to YANG modules, a more refined data modeling language that is more resilient to configuration change

SNMP MIBS can coexist with YANG modules on your device running YumaPro’s netconfd-pro server, allowing you to transition to YANG-based management at your own pace with minimal network failures.

SNMP support for YumaPro SDK

YumaPro SDK’s SNMP features include:

  • Automated conversion of SMIv2 modules to YANG modules using RFC 6643
  • YumaPro tools to automate the development of YANG modules
  • SNMP packet processing by integrating Net-SNMP into the netconfd-pro server
  • SNMP GET request processing
  • SNMP GETNEXT request processing
  • SNMP GETBULK request processing
  • Asynchronous Notifications — traps and informs
  • Support for SNMPv2c and SNMPv3

Please refer to the YumaPro yp-snmp Manual for more details on SNMP support in YumaPro SDK. If you have any further questions, don’t hesitate to reach out on our User Forum.