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Release Information

Software Delivery Options for Reliability

Five Years of Support for All Major Release Trains

YumaWorks provides our customers with release choices for YumaPro SDK based on their development and deployment requirements.

For deployment, they can select their required level of stability from a release train that is either in Active, Maintenance, or Sustaining mode.

For the latest cutting-edge technology, they can choose the T-train. The T-train technology is tested thoroughly, kept up to date with all relevant bug fixes, and then seeds the next Active release train after one year. Our team of dedicated specialists actively supports all major releases for five years.

The stages for the YumaPro SDK release trains are shown below, with minor releases available monthly:

  • Active = minor features, improvements, and bug fixes (releases .1 through .12)
  • Technology = major features and minor features, improvements, and bug fixes merged down from the current Active Train (releases .1 through .12)
  • Maintenance = bug fixes only (releases .13 through .30)
  • Sustaining = Sev. 1 and 2 bug fixes only (releases as needed)
  • End-of-Life = Trains end after five years

The table below outlines the status of current major YumaPro release trains:

YumaPro SDK ReleaseStatusEnd of Life
23.10TTechnology - includes latest features and enhancementsOctober 2024
23.10ActiveOctober 2028
22.10MaintenanceOctober 2027
21.10SustainingOctober 2026
20.10SustainingOctober 2025
19.10SustainingOctober 2024

In addition to the standard five years of support, custom support options are available. Contact a YumaWorks representative to learn more about custom support options.