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YumaPro SDK Basic FAQ

YumaPro SDK Basic Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is YumaPro SDK Basic?

A: YumaPro SDK Basic is a full NETCONF and RESTCONF server development kit with tools to develop and test YANG modules. Also included is SSH and TLS security as well as Call Home and a client application to test the server and YANG models.


Q: How can I download YumaPro SDK Basic?

A: Simply register on our website with your email address to gain access to the free binary packages.


Q: Can I use YumaPro SDK Basic to create commercial products?

A: Yes, but you will need to fill in and return a signed license agreement to YumaWorks. There is a small fee to ship YumaPro SDK Basic in your product. Contact for more details.


Q: Can I upgrade to YumaPro SDK Basic from OpenYuma or yuma123?

A: Yes, users of OpenYuma and yuma123 can easily switch to YumaPro without rewriting SIL code.


Q: Can I give a copy of YumaPro SDK Basic to my friend/colleague?

A: No. Just refer them to this site to sign up for their own free copy.


Q: Can I use YumaPro SDK Basic to develop and test my own YANG modules?

A: Yes, all the SDK tools for the development of YANG modules are included in YumaPro SDK Basic.


Q: Can I create my own YANG Server Instrumentation Libraries (SIL)?

A: Yes. Our commercial YANG development tools are included in YumaPro SDK Basic. The code you create is yours and you can give the SIL source code away to others.


Q: Can I report a bug?

A: Yes, you can file a report through our Freshdesk Support Portal.


Q: Can I get technical support from YumaWorks for YumaPro SDK Basic?

A: Yes, technical support from YumaWorks is available for YumaPro SDK Basic which includes monthly image updates and access to YumaWorks’ technical staff. Contact for more details. Additional support can be found in the YumaPro User Forum and YumaWorks’ Knowledge Base. New versions of YumaPro SDK Basic are released every 3 to 6 months.


Q: If I upgrade to the full YumaPro SDK from YumaPro SDK Basic will I need to rewrite any of my code?

A: No, you will not need to rewrite any code.  YumaPro SDK Basic APIs are a subset of the full set of YumaPro SDK APIs, so any code you write to work with Basic will work seamlessly with the full SDK.


Q: What architectures are supported by YumaPro SDK Basic?

A: YumaPro SDK Basic supports the following architectures:

  • Linux 86_64


Q: What if I want to use gNMI, a CLI, or SNMP?

A: It is easy to upgrade to the full YumaPro SDK. The instrumentation you developed in the Basic package is automatically reflected in the additional Northbound interfaces provided with the Full license thanks to YumaPro SDK’s automation. Upgrading to a full YumaPro SDK license provides:

  • full active/standby High Availability
  • embedded Command Line Interface (yp-shell)
  • optional Google RPC Network Management Interface (gNMI)
  • optional Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP) v1, v2c and v3 (read only)
  • concurrent client sessions
  • Multicore concurrent server operations
  • ARM-32/ARM-64 support