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NETCONF Capabilities Implemented in YumaPro Server

Name Description Requirements
base:1.0 RFC 4741 protocol version none
base:1.1 RFC 6241 protocol version none
candidate:1.0 Candidate database –target=candidate [default]
confirmed-commit:1.0 Confirmed commit operations –target=candidate [default]
confirmed-commit:1.1 Confirmed commit operations (base:1.1 version) –target=candidate [default]
writable-running:1.0 Running database is the target –target=running
rollback-on-error:1.0 Rollback on error for none
validate:1.0 operation and ‘test-only’ test-option are supported; –with-validate=true [default]
validate:1.1 operation and ‘test-only’ test-option are supported; (base:1.1 version) –with-validate=true [default]
startup:1.0 Distinct startup database; to startup config needed to NV-save the running config –with-startup=true
url:1.0 URL parameter support; The ‘file’ scheme is allowed in the parameter to backup and restore named config files –with-url=true [default]
xpath:1.0 Full XPath 1.0 + YANG extensions for and operations none
notification:1.0 NETCONF notifications; use operation to start none
interleave:1.0 Allow requests while notifications are active none
partial-lock:1.0 and operations –target=running
with-defaults:1.0 parameter for ‘report-all’, ‘trim’ and ‘explicit’ modes –default-style used to pick basic-mode [default=explicit]

YANG Modules Included with YumaPro Server

YANG Modules Included Description
ietf-inet-types Standard YANG networking data types from RFC 6021.
ietf-netconf Standard YANG data model for NETCONF protocol operations from RFC 6241.
ietf-netconf-acm Standard NETCONF Access Control Model (NACM) from RFC 6536.
ietf-netconf-monitoring Standard NETCONF monitoring data model and operation from RFC 6022 to retrieve YANG modules from the server.
ietf-netconf-notifications Standard NETCONF Notification delivery with replay buffer and command interleave mode from RFC 5277.
ietf-netconf-partial-lock Standard NETCONF and operations from RFC 5717 to support concurrent non-overlapping database edits.
ietf-netconf-with-defaults Standard NETCONF :with-defaults capability extensions to the and operations, from RFC 6243.
ietf-yang-types Standard YANG data types from RFC 6021.
nc-notifications Netconf Central YANG module for notification monitoring data model from RFC 5277.
notifications Netconf Central YANG module for operation from RFC 5277.
toaster Example SIL module.
yuma-arp Netconf Central YANG module for Linux ARP management.
yuma-interfaces Netconf Central YANG module for Linux interface monitoring.
yuma-mysession Netconf Central YANG module for setting and retrieving session-specific session parameters.
yuma-nacm Netconf Central YANG module for NETCONF Access Control, used as the starting point for NACM in RFC 6536.
yuma-ncx Netconf Central YANG language extensions.
yuma-proc Netconf Central YANG module for Linux /proc system information.
yuma-system Netconf Central YANG module for NETCONF system management and notifications, which was used as the starting point for RFC 6470.
yuma-time-filter Netconf Central YANG module for time-stamp based filtered of configuration data.
yuma-types Netconf Central YANG module for extended data types.
yumaworks-extensions YumaWorks YANG language extensions.
yumaworks-ids YumaWorks YANG identities.
yumaworks-system YumaWorks extensions for CM maintenance such as the backuprestore, and delete-backup operations.
yumaworks-types YumaWorks YANG data type extensions.