Fully Programmable Network Configuration

The YumaPro Server supports the complete NETCONF protocol. Any protocol operation, database object or notification message can be easily added to the server by providing a YANG data model defining the API. All mandatory and optional protocol features are supported, and fully configurable at boot-time.

High Performance Network-wide Commit and Rollback

The YumaPro Server includes a high performance transaction engine and internal database. All of the NETCONF features including XPath and Confirmed Commit are supported. An application can use the standard procedure (double commit) or use the YumaPro backup and restore operations to safely apply network-wide configuration changes.

NETCONF Capabilities Implemented in YumaPro Server

base:1.0RFC 4741 protocol versionnone
base:1.1RFC 6241 protocol versionnone
candidate:1.0Candidate database--target=candidate [default]
confirmed-commit:1.0Confirmed commit operations--target=candidate [default]
confirmed-commit:1.1Confirmed commit operations (base:1.1 version)--target=candidate [default]
writable-running:1.0Running database is the <edit-config> target --target=running
rollback-on-error:1.0Rollback on error for <edit-config>none
validate:1.0<validate> operation and ‘test-only’ <edit-config> test-option are supported;--with-validate=true [default]
validate:1.1<validate> operation and ‘test-only’ <edit-config> test-option are supported; (base:1.1 version) --with-validate=true [default]
startup:1.0Distinct startup database; <copy-config> to startup config needed to NV-save the running config--with-startup=true
url:1.0URL parameter support; The ‘file’ scheme is allowed in the <url> parameter to backup and restore named config files--with-url=true [default]
xpath:1.0Full XPath 1.0 + YANG extensions for <get> and <get-config> operationsnone
notification:1.0 NETCONF notifications; use <create-subscription> operation to start none
interleave:1.0Allow <rpc> requests while notifications are activenone
partial-lock:1.0<partial-lock> and <partial-unlock> operations--target=running
with-defaults:1.0<with-defaults> parameter for ‘report-all’, ‘trim’ and ‘explicit’ modes--default-style used to pick basic-mode [default=explicit]

YANG Modules Included with YumaPro Server

ietf-inet-typesStandard INET Data Types from RFC 6021
ietf-netconfIETF NETCONF Operations from RFC 6241
ietf-netconf-acmIETF NETCONF Access Control from RFC 6536
ietf-netconf-monitoringStandard NETCONF Monitoring from RFC 6022
ietf-netconf-partial-lockPartial Datastore Locking from RFC 5717
ietf-netconf-with-defaultsWith Defaults Retrieval from RFC 6243
ietf-yang-typesStandard YANG Types from RFC 6021
nc-notificationsNETCONF Notification Monitoring from RFC 5277
notificationsNETCONF Notification Operations from RFC 5277
toasterExample SIL module
yuma-arpLinux ARP Monitoring and Configuration
yuma-interfacesYuma Interface Monitoring
yuma-mysessionYuma Session Preferences Control
yuma-nacmYuma NETCONF Access Control (pre-standard)
yuma-ncxYuma NETCONF Configuration Extensions
yuma-procLinux /proc Filesystem Monitoring
yuma-systemLinux System Monitoring
yuma-time-filterYuma Time-Based Retrieval Filtering
yuma-typesYuma Data Types
yumaworks-extensionsYumaWorks YANG Extensions
yumaworks-idsYumaWorks YANG Identities
yumaworks-systemYumaWorks Backup and Restore


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