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YumaPro SDK -v- Open Source

YumaPro SDK versus Open Source

There have been hundreds of performance improvements, bug fixes and new features. Below is a list of some of the enhancements:

  • YP-gNMI – self-contained gNMI server that connects with netconfd-pro to provide access to the YANG datastores via Google’s gRPC.
  • YP-Shell – embedded CLI for the server
  • YControl – user extensible sub-system for higher layer asynchronous operation with the server. Enables:
    • auto-restart, full server configuration, and services sync
    • SIL-SA – distributed Sub-Agents for SIL callbacks from remote sub-systems
    • Configuration Replay – replay configuration just to a specific sub-system if it restarts
    • DB-API – send configuration edits to the server from sub-systems
  • SYSLOG Support
  • NACM – Standard NETCONF Access Control Model
  • YP-System – distributed framework system APIs to allow easy integration to existing systems without the need to modify source code
  • ypwatcher – lightweight proto-HA (High Availability) process adds support to restart the server
  • YP-HA – Full 1:n Active/Standby High Availability for netconfd-pro servers
  • NETCONF notifications
  • RESTCONF –  a REST like protocol running over an HTTP interface to access the YumaPro NETCONF server datastores
  • Call Home – reverse SSH protocol allows programmatic provisioning of dispersed and fluid network elements
  • SNMP – Incorporate and/or convert legacy SNMP networks into your YANG-based management solution
  • IoT support – Architectural optimizations allow you to bring YANG-based management solutions to the smallest of networking devices
  • Ongoing and up-to-date standards support for NETCONF, RESTCONF, Call Home, and YANG
  • Server Interface Library (SIL) Bundles – module groups loaded as a single entity (Server Code Generation)
  • Crypt hash is used to encode passwords rather than being transmitted in the clear
  • Provides support for YANG Deviations, Augments, and XPath (XML Path Language)
  • Config Templates – Automate deployment of common configuration sets based on your use cases
  • yangcli-pro – NETCONF client with sessions, config mode, test suites, command and response validation, command line history, context sensitive help and command completion (NETCONF Client: yangcli-pro)
  • Transaction performance increase – over 20,000 times faster than OpenYuma (Performance)
  • Support for concurrent client sessions

Users of OpenYuma can easily migrate to YumaPro without rewriting code! Let YumaWorks:

  • Reduce your time to market
  • Decrease your development costs
  • Provide your team top-notch support throughout the development process


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