yumapro  21.10T-12
YumaPro SDK
Data Structures
Here are the data structures with brief descriptions:
[detail level 12]
 Cagent_nsap_tNSAP for the agent
 Cagt_action_cbset_tAgt_rpc module stores a set of callbacks for each RPC
 Cagt_callhome_cb_tControl block for each client for a callhome connection
 Cagt_cb_fnset_tSet of server object callback functions back pointer to this struct stored in obj_template_t Shared by local and subsys callbacks
 Cagt_cb_subsys_tHeader for 1 subsystem that has a SIL-SA callback function registered for the data node in the agt_cb_set_t struct containing the subsysQ
 Cagt_cfg_audit_rec_tStruct of params to use when generating sysConfigChange notification
 Cagt_cfg_child_silcall_tStruct of data for 1 children of one remote SIL callback
 Cagt_cfg_commit_test_tStruct for the commit-time tests for a single object
 Cagt_cfg_nested_silcall_tStruct of data for 1 nested SIL callback within 1 undo
 Cagt_cfg_silcall_tStruct of data for 1 remote SIL callback
 Cagt_cfg_trans_hook_tStruct of Transaction Hooks parameters
 Cagt_cfg_transaction_tTransaction Control Block
 Cagt_cfg_undo_rec_tStruct of params to undo an edit operation
 Cagt_cfg_xpath_visit_tStruct to keep track of XPath tests run in this transaction
 Cagt_not_msg_tOne notification message that will be sent to all subscriptions in the stream and kept in the replay buffer for that stream (notificationQ)
 Cagt_profile_tMultiple instances are not supported
 Cagt_replay_subsys_tFor the list of subsystems requesting or in progress for a config load or replay
 Cagt_restconf_data_tRESTCONF structure for data
 Cagt_rpc_cbset_tAgt_rpc module stores a set of callbacks for each RPC
 Cagt_rpc_subsys_tHeader for 1 subsystem that has a SIL-SA callback function registered for the RPC method in the agt_rpc_cbset_t struct containing the subsysQ
 Cagt_sil_added_edit_tSet Hook added edits from subsystem(s)
 Cagt_syslib_cb_tStruct to keep track of the dynamic external yp-system hooks library
 Cagt_timer_cb_tInternal Timer control block, not for use outside agt_timer.c
 Cagt_yangapi_context_tModule context node with cached schema tree and API template for retrieval (root)
 Cagt_ycontrol_cb_tControl block for 1 registered service handler
 Cagt_ycontrol_subsys_tControl block for connected 1 subsystem; used to send event messages to the subsystem
 Cagt_ypgrpc_server_tGRPC Server Control block struct
 Cagt_ypgrpc_stats_tStreams Statistics
 Cagt_ypgrpc_stream_tGRPC Server and Client Streams Control block struct
 Ccap_list_tOne capabilities list
 Ccap_rec_tQueue of this structure for list of enterprise capabilities
 Ccfg_template_tStruct representing 1 configuration database
 Ccli_rawparm_tUsed for bootstrap CLI parms only, no validation
 Cdb_api_cb_tInternal control block for the DB-API module
 Cdlq_hdrTDlq header used for both the control block for a queue and also a queue header node within another structure
 Cext_template_tOne YANG 'extension' definition – language extension template
 Cfailed_ptr_tPointer to failed modules to track all of them Prevents loading a broken module multiple times
 Cgetbulk_cb_tGet Bulk Control BLock
 Cgetcb_get2_getbulk_tGET2 getbulk struct This is only used for YANG list objects to produce N getnext entries at a time
 Cgetcb_get2_lookup_tGET2 lookup struct
 Cgetcb_get2_select_tGET2 select struct
 Cgetcb_get2_tGET2 control block
 Cgetcb_keyval_tKey value holder, temp Q of ordered key leaf values used while parsing a path to store the keys until they are all collected
 Cgrp_template_tOne YANG 'grouping' definition – sibling set template
 Cjson_walker_cookie_tJSON walker function for GET2 support
 Clogfns_tLog functions control block used by manager code
 Cncx_appinfo_tYANG extension usage entry A nested external statement will produce a tree of ncx_appinfo_t
 Cncx_backptr_tUsed with various structs to cache back-ptrs the 'node' pointer may or may not be malloced! the ncx_free_backptr() function will not free the 'node' the ncx_free_mbackptr() function will free the 'node'
 Cncx_binary_tNCX base64 string node for YANG 'binary' built-in type
 Cncx_bit_tOne NCX_BT_BITS bit value
 Cncx_dec64_tDecimal64 data type
 Cncx_enum_tOne NCX_BT_ENUM enumeration value (user may enter 1 of 3 forms)
 Cncx_errinfo_tYANG error info statement struct used to override default error handling in the server
 Cncx_errmsg_tError message replacement record
 Cncx_error_tStruct to remember error info tkc->cur_err will be checked before tkc->cur for error information
 Cncx_feature_tYANG feature entry
 Cncx_filptr_tStruct for holding r/o pointer to generic internal node for filtering purposes
 Cncx_identity_base_tYANG identity base
 Cncx_identity_tYANG identity entry
 Cncx_idlink_tBack pointer to a YANG identity used to create an inline tree of valid values for an identity used as a base
 Cncx_iff_ref_tYANG 1.1 identifier-ref-arg that within an if-feature expression
 Cncx_iffeature_tYANG if-feature entry
 Cncx_import_tOne 'import' clause in YANG
 Cncx_include_tOne 'include' clause, YANG only
 Cncx_list_tHeader for a NCX List
 Cncx_lmem_tNCX list member: list of string or number Usually used within a val_value_t structure
 Cncx_modcache_tServer module info cache record for def_reg_add_mod
 Cncx_module_tRepresentation of one module or submodule during and after parsing
 Cncx_nmda_params_tInternal NMDA get-data state parameters; rest of parameter are stored directly in the xml_msg_hdr_t using existing params
 Cncx_num_tUnion of all the basic number types if float not supported, then it is stored as an int64
 Cncx_origin_filter_tInternal NMDA origin filter (negate field stored separately)
 Cncx_prefix_info_tGather the prefix/nsid bindings used in an XPath string needed to generate the correct xmlns directives in XML JSON just loses all the namespace bindings in an XPath string
 Cncx_revhist_tYANG revision entry
 Cncx_save_deviations_tUsed with obj_deviation_t to defer object lookups
 Cncx_typname_tKeep track of the typenames used for local typedefs only used by ncxdump to generate XSDs OBSOLETE: DO NOT USE
 Cncx_var_tStruct of NCX user variable mapping for yangcli
 Cncxmod_search_result_tStruct for storing YANG file search results this is used by yangcli for schema auto-load also for finding newest version, or all versions within the module path
 Cncxmod_temp_filcb_tTemporary file control block
 Cncxmod_temp_progcb_tProgram-level temp dir control block
 Cncxmod_temp_sescb_tSession-level temp-dir control block
 Cobj_augment_tOne YANG augment statement struct (top-level or in case-stmt
 Cobj_case_tOne YANG 'case' definition
 Cobj_choice_tOne YANG 'choice' definition
 Cobj_container_tOne YANG 'container' definition
 Cobj_defval_tk_tOne YANG 1.1 default stored in a Q for refine and deviate
 Cobj_deviate_tYANG deviate statement struct
 Cobj_deviation_tYANG deviation statement struct
 Cobj_errmsg_filter_tCustom error message filter control block
 Cobj_errmsg_parm_tCustom error message parameter control block
 Cobj_errmsg_tCustom error message control block
 Cobj_iffeature_ptr_tBack-pointer to inherited if-feature statements
 Cobj_key_tOne YANG list key component
 Cobj_leaf_tOne YANG 'leaf' or 'anyxml' or 'anydata' definition
 Cobj_leaflist_tOne YANG 'leaf-list' definition
 Cobj_list_tOne YANG 'list' definition
 Cobj_metadata_tOne YANG metadata (XML attribute) node
 Cobj_notif_tOne YANG 'notification' clause definition
 Cobj_oid_tDefines the snmp oid value, stored as an array of integers for easier comparision when performing AVL tree operations
 Cobj_refine_tOne YANG refine statement struct
 Cobj_rpc_tOne YANG rpc-stmt struct
 Cobj_rpcio_tOne YANG input-stmt or output-stmt struct
 Cobj_template_tOne YANG data-def-stmt
 Cobj_unique_comp_tOne component in a YANG list unique target
 Cobj_unique_tOne component in a YANG list unique target
 Cobj_uses_tOne YANG uses statement struct
 Cop_filter_tNETCONF protocol operation filter spec
 Cplock_cb_tStruct representing 1 configuration database
 Crpc_err_info_tOne error-info sub-element
 Crpc_err_rec_tOne RPC error record built by the server before an <rpc-error> element is generated
 Crpc_msg_tNETCONF Server and Client RPC Request/Reply Message Header
 Crunstack_condcb_tControl the looping for 1 while - end sequence
 Crunstack_context_tMain runstact context control block used by yangcli to process script input loops and conditional statements in scripts
 Crunstack_entry_tOne script run level context entry each time a 'run script' command is encountered, a new stack context is created, unless max_script_level is reached
 Crunstack_ifcb_tControl the conditional state for 1 if...end sequence
 Crunstack_line_tSave 1 line for looping purposes
 Crunstack_loopcb_tControl the looping for 1 while - end sequence
 Cses_cb_tSession Control Block
 Cses_msg_buff_tSession Message Buffer
 Cses_msg_tSession Message
 Cses_msg_tempchunk_tSave the chunks before putting them back into ses_buff_t structs
 Cses_ready_tEmbedded Q header for the message ready Q The 'inq' flag is used to prevent queue corruption
 Cses_stats_tPer Session Statistics
 Cses_total_stats_tSession Total Statistics
 Csil_sa_added_edit_tHook added edits that will be used in the hook-respose msg Saved from the sil_sa_hook_add_edit function
 Csil_sa_bundle_tOne bundle unload record in case <unload-bundle> called
 Csil_sa_cb_tControl block for the SIL-SA module
 Csil_sa_child_edit_tEDIT2 children Queue Supports EDIT2 callbacks where child edits for the same parent container or list are processed at once
 Csil_sa_edit_tSIL-SA added edit data structure
 Csmioid_node_tPair of OID and associated object instance
 Csubsys_cb_tOne subsystem control block for session
 Csyslog_msg_desc_tSyslog/Vendor Message Buffer descriptor
 Cthd_tcb_tThread control block (TCB)
 Ctk_chain_tToken parsing chain (main parser control block)
 Ctk_origstr_tEach entry in the origstrQ is the 2nd through Nth string to be concated
 Ctk_token_ptr_tToken backptr to get at original token chain for strings used only by yangdump –format=yang|html
 Ctk_token_tSingle YANG language token type
 Ctyp_def_tDiscriminated union for all data typedefs
 Ctyp_def_u_tUnion of all the typdef variants
 Ctyp_enum_tOne ENUM typdef value – stored in simple.valQ Used for NCX_BT_ENUM and NCX_BT_BITS data type
 Ctyp_idref_tYANG identityref struct the value is an identity-stmt QName that has a base-stmt that resolves to the same value
 Ctyp_listval_tOne list member stored in simple.queue of instance-qualified strings
 Ctyp_pattern_tYANG pattern struct : N per typedef and also across N typdefs in a chain: all are ANDed together like RelaxNG instead of ORed together within the same type step like XSD
 Ctyp_range_tOne YANG range description
 Ctyp_rangedef_tOne member of a range definition – stored in simple.rangeQ
 Ctyp_sval_tOne STRING typdef value, pattern value
 Ctyp_template_tOne YANG 'typedef' definition – top-level type template
 Ctyp_unionnode_tOne YANG union node One of the 2 pointers (typ or typdef will be NULL If a named type is used, then 'typ' is active If an inline type is used, then typdef is active
 Ctyp_userdef_tOne userdef control block The CB will exist if one or more callbacks are registered
 Cval_child_hdr_tThis struct is inserted in the val->v.child_hdrQ for container and list value nodes
 Cval_editvars_tOne set of edit-in-progress variables for one value node
 Cval_extra_tExtra information not used very often within a val_value_t
 Cval_getbulk_return_tReturn value for a getbulk callback function
 Cval_idref_tOne QName for the NCX_BT_IDREF value
 Cval_index_tStruct marking the parsing of an instance identifier The position of this record in the val_value_t indexQ represents the order the identifers were parsed Since table and container data structures must always appear in the specified field order, this will be the same order for all well-formed entries
 Cval_tree_tWrapper for the height-balanced tree struct
 Cval_unique_tOne unique-stmt component test value node
 Cval_value_tOne value to match one type
 Cwalker_cookie_tXML walker cookie for GET callback processing
 Cxml_attr_tOne attribute
 Cxml_msg_hdr_tCommon Encoding Message Header No longer XML specific!! Used by JSON parsing as well!! Allows common rendering and error handlers
 Cxml_node_tGather node data into a simple struct
 Cxmlns_pmap_tOne namespace prefix mapping
 Cxmlns_qname_tOne QName data element
 Cxmlns_tOne registered namespace
 Cxpath1_walker_cookie_tWalker cookie contains the state used to output or process XPath nodes that are received from GET2 callbacks
 Cxpath_aio_cb_tAIO Subtree respresentation
 Cxpath_compwalkerparms_tValue node compare walker fn callback parameters
 Cxpath_fncb_tXPath function control block
 Cxpath_get2_cb_tSpecial XPath GET2 state record to be used instead of val_value_t or val_child_hdr_t pointers
 Cxpath_get2_node_tSpecial XPath GET2 resnode
 Cxpath_pcb_tXPath parser control block
 Cxpath_pred_ent_tQuick processing of NACM data rule predicates
 Cxpath_resnode_tXPath result node struct
 Cxpath_result_tXPath expression result
 Cxpath_stringwalkerparms_tValue node stringify walker fn callback parameters
 Cxpath_walkerparms_tValue or object node walker fn callback parameters
 Cy_ywcu_T_cert_to_nameList /cert-usermap/cert-to-name
 Cy_ywcu_T_cert_usermapContainer /cert-usermap
 Cyang_import_ptr_tYANG import pointer node to track all imports used
 Cyang_node_tYANG node entry to track if a module has been used already
 Cyang_patch_cb_tOne YANG Patch Request
 Cyang_patch_edit_tRepresents one YANG Patch edit entry
 Cyang_pcb_tYANG parser control block
 Cyang_stmt_tYANG statement node to track top-level statement order for doc output
 Cyangapi_accept_tRestapi Accept header string entries
 Cyangapi_cb_tRestapi Control Block Used by RESTCONF to hold parse and request processing state
 Cyangapi_param_tYANG-API Query string parameter
 Cycontrol_profile_tControl block for 1 ycontrol manager (only 1 used)
 Cycontrol_service_tCallback functions for a service that registers with ycontrol
 Cyin_mapping_tYANG to YIN mapping The argument and element vs
 Cyp_ha_server_tFor each CLI-configured ha-server there will be one entry entry the active and standby both need this list; active server will reject register-request request from standby server if their server-id is not in the list
 Cyp_ha_service_tYP-HA service instance
 Cypgnmi_edit_cb_tGNMI Edit Control Block
 Cypgnmi_edit_tDelete/Replace/Update edit requests Q
 Cypgnmi_get_cb_tGNMI GET control block
 Cypsnmp_agent_session_tAgent session