yumapro  21.10T-12
YumaPro SDK
db_api_cb_t Struct Reference

internal control block for the DB-API module More...

#include <db_api_types.h>

Collaboration diagram for db_api_cb_t:

Data Fields

 yumaworks-db-api YANG module
 <db-api> object within the /ycontrol/payload object
 cached <payload> element for use in request messages
db_api_state_t state
 DB-API module state.
uint32 msgid
 request msgid that is expected in the response
 cached <edit-request> message body
 dummy msg used for DB-API callback functions
uint32 last_msgid
 edit or getconfig in progress state
status_t last_status
 last message status
xmlChar * last_msg
 saved last message (malloced string)
xmlChar * filespec
 getconfig in progress state, last filespec (malloced string)
const char * cmdname
 back-ptr to command name
boolean db_lock_enabled
 db-lock is enabled
lock_state_t db_lock_state
 current db-lock state if enabled
xmlChar * lock_id
 current lock-id if locked (malloced string)

Detailed Description

internal control block for the DB-API module

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