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return value for a getbulk callback function More...

#include <val_util.h>

Data Fields

struct val_value_t_ * retval [NCX_MAX_GETBULK_COUNT]
 array of return values
uint32 retcount
 actual return count
boolean retdone
 flag to indicate return is complete

Detailed Description

return value for a getbulk callback function

the callback will fill in the retval array with malloced pointers, starting with the requested start index (start_idx) The array will be filled up to a maximum number of entries (max_count). Each entry will contain descendant nest levels based on the max depth (max_depth) parameter.

If the callback has any instances that match the start_idx offset, the it must set 1 .. max_count pointers in the retval array The return count (retcount) field must be set to the number of entries returned in retarr. If there are more entries then the return done flag (retdone) is set to false. If there are no more entries the n retdone is set to true.

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