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#include <obj.h>

Collaboration diagram for obj_list_t:

Data Fields

xmlChar * name
 list name
xmlChar * keystr
 key-stmt (not required if config=false)
xmlChar * descr
 description-stmt (not saved on server)
xmlChar * ref
 reference-stmt (not saved on server)
dlq_hdr_t * typedefQ
 Q of typ_template_t.
dlq_hdr_t * groupingQ
 Q of grp_template_t.
dlq_hdr_t * datadefQ
 Q of obj_template_t.
dlq_hdr_t keyQ
 Q of obj_key_t.
dlq_hdr_t uniqueQ
 Q of obj_unique_t.
boolean ordersys
 ordered-by system or user
boolean minset
 min-elements set
uint32 minelems
 min-elements value
boolean maxset
 max-elements set
uint32 maxelems
 max-elements value
ncx_status_t status
dlq_hdr_t mustQ
 Q of xpath_pcb_t.
ncx_error_t keytkerr
 saved error info for key-stmt errors
obj_index_t last_index
 internal numbering data for val_child ordering
ncx_sort_type_t sort_type
 sort type applies to system

Detailed Description

One YANG 'list' definition.

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