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ycontrol_profile_t Struct Reference

control block for 1 ycontrol manager (only 1 used) More...

#include <ycontrol.h>

Collaboration diagram for ycontrol_profile_t:

Data Fields

xmlChar * subsys_id
 malloced subsystem ID to use
xmlChar * server_id
 malloced server ID that this subsystem connected to
char * server_root
 malloced server root ID used in server Multi-Instance Mode set from the –server-root CLI parameter
ycontrol_state_t ycontrol_state
 current YControl protocol state
status_t ycontrol_res
 last operation result
int connect_retries
 connect retries done
int connect_max_retries
 connect retries allowed
int connect_retry_interval
 number of milliseconds to wait before connect retry
boolean shutdown_requested
 flag shutdown requested by the application
boolean is_standby
 internal flag to identify special subsystem that is a server connecting to another server
time_t boot_timestamp
 timestamp of the connection attempt
struct timeval retry_timestamp
 retry timestamp
 session control block for connection to server
fd_set active_fd_set
 socket active FD set
fd_set read_fd_set
 socket read FD set
fd_set write_fd_set
 socket write FD set
 parsed and saved YANG module for YControl messages
 YControl message YANG object.
 cached message subtree to save time
 cached transaction ID
 cached payload to reload and save time
 cached OK message ready to reload and send
 cached error message ready to reload and send
uint32 next_msgid
 next message ID, incremented when subsystem initiates the message
ycontrol_timer_handler_t timer_handler
 timer callback for periodic checks like reconnect
ycontrol_service_t service [YCONTROL_MAX_SERVICES]
 service layers registered callbacks stored here

Detailed Description

control block for 1 ycontrol manager (only 1 used)

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