yumapro  21.10-3
YumaPro SDK
json_walker_cookie_t Struct Reference

JSON walker function for GET2 support. More...

#include <json_wr.h>

Collaboration diagram for json_walker_cookie_t:

Data Fields

 backptr to session control block to use for output
 back-ptr to message header in progress
int32 indent
 indent amount
val_nodetest_fn_t testfn
 test function to skip or include the YANG data node
boolean expand_varexpr
 expand yangcli variable expressions if found
boolean maxmode
 flag to indicate max-depth already reached
boolean isfirst
 the first call has been done
boolean isfirstchild
 the first child node call has been done
boolean list_failed
 Set to true if the list callback failed, so forcing the end of the array processing, write close brackets and stop list processing.

Detailed Description

JSON walker function for GET2 support.

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