yumapro  23.10T-8
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agt_callhome_cb_t Struct Reference

control block for each client for a callhome connection More...

#include <agt_callhome.h>

Data Fields

dlq_hdr_t qhdr
 queue header
const xmlChar * ch_sshd_path
 back-ptr to global sshd path config
const xmlChar * ch_subsys_path
 back-ptr to global subsystem path config
xmlChar * ch_name
 callhome server name
xmlChar * ch_client_addr
 callhome client address
xmlChar * ch_sshd_config
 callhome sshd config
uint16 ch_client_port
 callhome client port
uint16 ch_retry_interval
 callhome retry interval
uint16 ch_retry_max
 callhome retry max tries
agt_ch_proto_t ch_proto
 callhome protocol to use
boolean ch_reconnect
 enable callhome reconnects
boolean ch_enabled
 begin state, callhome enabled flag
boolean ch_connecting
 callhome is connecting
boolean ch_connected
 callhome is connected
boolean ch_from_cli
 callhome entry is from CLI config, F: from YANG
uint16 ch_retry_count
 retry connection count if reconnect in progress
uint32 ch_timer_id
 timer ID used for reconnect interval
pid_t ch_pid
 callhome child process ID running SSHd server

Detailed Description

control block for each client for a callhome connection

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