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struct of data for 1 remote SIL callback More...

#include <agt_cfg.h>

Collaboration diagram for agt_cfg_silcall_t:

Data Fields

dlq_hdr_t qhdr
 queue header
op_editop_t editop
 edit operation
 new value
 current value
dlq_hdr_t * subsysQ
 Q of subsystems that need this edit.
dlq_hdr_t keyptrQ
 manage list keys: Q of ncx_backptr_t to val_value_t
boolean hook_edit
 SIL-SA Hook support.
agt_hook_type_t hook_type
 SIL-SA Hook type.
dlq_hdr_t child_editQ
 Queue of EDIT2 children edits that will be used in the callback Q of agt_cfg_child_silcall_t.

Detailed Description

struct of data for 1 remote SIL callback

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