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rpc_err_info_t Struct Reference

one error-info sub-element More...

#include <rpc_err.h>

Collaboration diagram for rpc_err_info_t:

Data Fields

dlq_hdr_t qhdr
 queue header
 if the user_val pointer is set then it will be used instead of the individual fields; The user data is required to be valid including namespace and value, so no special processing functions are needed to render the data in an <rpc-error>
xmlns_id_t name_nsid
 If user_val is NULL then the following fields must be set properly for special handling funcitons in agt_rpcerr.c.
const xmlChar * name
 error info name
xmlChar * dname
 malloced name if needed
boolean isqname
 val_nsid + v.strval == QName
ncx_btype_t val_btype
 value base type
uint8 val_digits
 num digits, used for decimal64 only
xmlns_id_t val_nsid
 value namespace ID
xmlChar * badns
 if val_nsid INVALID namespace
xmlChar * dval
 internal saved value
const xmlChar * strval
 for string error content
ncx_num_t numval
 for number error content
void * cpxval

Detailed Description

one error-info sub-element

Uses an ad-hoc collection of data that needs to be available to generate various standard errors

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