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ncx_sm_rootcb_t Struct Reference

Schema Mount Root Control Block used in the object template. More...

#include <ncxtypes.h>

Collaboration diagram for ncx_sm_rootcb_t:

Data Fields

dlq_hdr_t qhdr
 queue header
xmlChar * label
 Mount Point label string: copied in case module deleted.
xmlChar * modname
 Name of a module containing the mount point, copied in case the module is deleted.
xmlChar * objpath
 Object path to the current Mount Point.
boolean config
 TRUE if the subtree of this MP is config TRUE.
boolean toproot
 TRUE if the this is TOP level Root Control Block.
boolean active
 TRUE if the this Mount Point is active and was setup by SM Confg file, Otherwise, this is a placeholder for a potential mount point Root control block.
uint16 bundles_waiting
 non-zero if any bundles are waiting
ncx_sm_state_t sm_state
 Used if the client is running to manage the SM info retrieval for this mount point.
struct obj_template_t_ * rootobj
 root object of a new mounted top root
ncx_yanglib_cb_t yanglib_cb
 YANG Library control block.
dlq_hdr_t mpidQ
 Mount Point ID Queue of ncx_sm_mpid_t containing val_root and ancestor keys.
dlq_hdr_t modQ
 Queue of mounted ncx_module_t modules.
dlq_hdr_t devQ
 Queue of mounted ncx_save_deviations_t devitaion modules.
xmlChar * loadpath
 loadpath name
struct cap_list_t_ * caplist
 Used on the client side to convert the yanglib for this mount point to a cap_list_t needed to report capabilities for the mount point.

Detailed Description

Schema Mount Root Control Block used in the object template.

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