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#include <typ.h>

Collaboration diagram for typ_simple_t:

Data Fields

ncx_btype_t btyp
 NCX base type.
struct typ_template_t_ * listtyp
 template for NCX_BT_SLIST
struct xpath_pcb_t_ * xleafref
 saved for NCX_BT_LEAFREF only
struct typ_def_t_ * xrefdef
 pointer to resolved typedef for NCX_BT_LEAFREF/NCX_BT_INSTANCE_ID
ncx_leafref_class_t leafref_class
 if this is a leafref then it is classified for optimization
boolean constrained
 set when require-instance=TRUE
typ_range_t range
 for all num types and string length

dlq_hdr_t idrefQ
 for NCX_BT_IDREF only
dlq_hdr_t valQ
 bit, enum, string, list vals/patterns
dlq_hdr_t metaQ
 Q of obj_template_t structs.
dlq_hdr_t unionQ
 Q of typ_unionnode_t for NCX_BT_UNION.
dlq_hdr_t patternQ
 Q of ncx_pattern_t for NCX_BT_STRING.
ncx_strrest_t strrest
 string/type restriction type in valQ
uint32 maxbit
 max bit position in valQ
int32 maxenum
 max enum value in valQ
uint8 digits
 fraction-digits for decimal64
uint8 flags

Detailed Description


The following enums defined in ncxconst.h are supported in this struct

   NCX_BT_BITS -- set of bit definitions (like list of enum)
   NCX_BT_BOOLEAN -- true, 1, false, 0
   NCX_BT_ENUM -- XSD like enumeration
   NCX_BT_EMPTY -- empty element type like <ok>
   NCX_BT_INT8 -- 8 bit signed integer value
   NCX_BT_INT16 -- 16 bit signed integer value
   NCX_BT_INT32 -- 32 bit signed integer value
   NCX_BT_INT64 -- 64 bit signed integer value
   NCX_BT_UINT8 -- 8 bit unsigned integer value
   NCX_BT_UINT16 -- 16 bit unsigned integer value
   NCX_BT_UINT32 -- 32 bit unsigned integer value
   NCX_BT_UINT64 -- 64 bit unsigned integer value
   NCX_BT_DECIMAL64 -- 64 bit fixed-point number value
   NCX_BT_FLOAT64 -- 64 bit floating-point number value
   NCX_BT_STRING -- char string
   NCX_BT_BINARY -- binary string (base64 from RFC 4648)
   NCX_BT_LEAFREF -- YANG leafref (XPath path expression)
   NCX_BT_IDREF -- YANG identityref (QName)
   NCX_BT_INSTANCE_ID -- YANG instance-identifier (XPath expression)
   NCX_BT_SLIST -- simple list of string or number type (xsd:list)
   NCX_BT_UNION -- C-type union of any simtype except leafref and empty

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