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thd_tcb_t Struct Reference

Thread control block (TCB) More...

#include <thd.h>

Collaboration diagram for thd_tcb_t:

Data Fields

dlq_hdr_t qhdr
 queue header
thd_tcb_state_t state
 thread state
pthread_t handle
 Internal thread handle.
thd_type_t thd_type
 thread type
uint thd_cap
 Capability bits.
const char * name
 thread name
 Dummy SCB, if any.
ses_id_t sid
 Session ID of thread.
int tid
 thread ID
int run
 internal run state
int fd
 I/O file descriptor.
int sfd
 Signal file descriptor.
fd_set tcb_fd_set
 FDs used by thread.
int sleep
 sleep amount
void * rwlock_locked [NCX_CFGID_CNT]
 Transaction (TXID) lock context: ptr to cfg, if locked by sess.
boolean rwlock_wrlocked [NCX_CFGID_CNT]
 TRUE if cfg write locked.
int rwlock_lock_level [NCX_CFGID_CNT]
 Nesting level of locking.
boolean rwlock_req_needed [NCX_CFGID_CNT]
 Lock request context : locks needed by datastore.
boolean rwlock_req_wrlock [NCX_CFGID_CNT]
 Lock request context : write locks by datastore.
boolean rwlock_req_locked [NCX_CFGID_CNT]
 write locks by datastore
boolean rwlock_req_error [NCX_CFGID_CNT]
 read locks by datastore
boolean module_db_locked
 module with datastores loads
boolean kill_session
 kill session requested
ses_id_t killedby
 kill session done
ses_term_reason_t termreason
 termination reason
boolean cancel_cc
 cancel confirmed-commit flag
ncx_confirm_event_t cancel_cc_event
 confirm-commit event
struct agt_not_subscription_t_ * sub
 sub is used for RFC 5277 notifications only There will be 0 or 1 of these fields used
boolean snmp_notif
 1 subscription allowed

Detailed Description

Thread control block (TCB)

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