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xml_attr_t Struct Reference

represents one attribute More...

#include <xml_util.h>

Data Fields

dlq_hdr_t attr_qhdr
 queue header
xmlns_id_t attr_ns
 attribute namespace ID
xmlns_id_t attr_xmlns_ns
 if xmlns, then namespace ID getting assigned
const xmlChar * attr_qname
 attribute qname with prefix (if any)
const xmlChar * attr_name
 attribute name without any prefix
xmlChar * attr_dname
 malloced attribute name full qualified name if any
xmlChar * attr_val
 attribute value string
struct xpath_pcb_t_ * attr_xpcb
 XPath PCB in case XPath was parsed. More...

Detailed Description

represents one attribute

Field Documentation

◆ attr_xpcb

struct xpath_pcb_t_* attr_xpcb

XPath PCB in case XPath was parsed.

The XPath needs be be processed inline in the document parsing in order to get the correct namespace assignments in use at the moment

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