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xpath_resnode_t Struct Reference

XPath result node struct. More...

#include <xpath.h>

Collaboration diagram for xpath_resnode_t:

Data Structures

union  node_
 if the result->isval flag is false then the objptr is used in all resnodes in that result More...

Data Fields

dlq_hdr_t qhdr
 queue header
boolean dblslash
 double slash mode means the shorthand for the descendant-or-self axis was used
boolean aioval
 flag indicating the XP_RNT_VAL node type came from a GET2 AIO value tree
xpath_rntype_t rntype
 The result node type is the union discriminator for node_.

Detailed Description

XPath result node struct.

The heavy lifting in XPath revolves around the constant changes ongoing node-set result. Each xpath_resnode_t respresents one implementation-specific set of nodes that match the result-in-progress (or final)

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