yumapro  21.10-3
YumaPro SDK
cfg_template_t Struct Reference

struct representing 1 configuration database More...

#include <cfg.h>

Collaboration diagram for cfg_template_t:

Data Fields

ncx_cfg_t cfg_id
 config ID
cfg_location_t cfg_loc
 config location
cfg_state_t cfg_state
 config state
ncx_transaction_id_t last_txid
 last transaction ID
ncx_transaction_id_t cur_txid
 current transaction ID
time_t last_modified
 last modified timestamp
xmlChar * name
 config name string
xmlChar * src_url
 source URL
xmlChar lock_time [TSTAMP_MIN_SIZE]
 timestamp when last locked
xmlChar last_ch_time [TSTAMP_MIN_SIZE]
 last change time
uint32 flags
 internal flags
ses_id_t locked_by
 session ID that has the datastore locked
dlq_hdr_t load_errQ
 Q of rpc_err_rec_t.
dlq_hdr_t plockQ
 Q of plock_cb_t.
boolean rwlock_initialized
 RWLOCK for this config - used by multiple reader/writer threads according to RWLOCK rules: basically, max one writer, multiple readers, ordered by request time.
pthread_rwlock_t rwlock
 rwlock data
ses_id_t rw_wrlocked_by
 Single write lock holder, if any.
ses_id_t rw_rdlocked_by
 Note: Most recent read lock holder only ... More...
boolean rw_wrlocked
 if the background thread locks the cfg for fill_candidate_from_running or other reason then the SID will be zero
boolean rw_rdlocked
 readlocked flag
boolean wrlock_pending
 TRUE if the wrlock is active and set.
 datastore root value More...
boolean fake_candidate
 TRUE if this is YANG-PATCH request fake candidate template.

Detailed Description

struct representing 1 configuration database

Field Documentation

◆ root

val_value_t* root

datastore root value


◆ rw_rdlocked_by

ses_id_t rw_rdlocked_by

Note: Most recent read lock holder only ...

but useful for debugging !

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