yumapro  23.10T-8
YumaPro SDK
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ncx Directory Reference
Directory dependency graph for ncx:


file  b64.h [code]
 Base64 Utilities.
file  blob.h [code]
 binary to string conversion for database storage
file  bobhash.h [code]
 BOB hash function.
file  cap.h [code]
 NETCONF protocol capabilities.
file  cbor_parse.h [code]
 CBOR Parser functions.
file  cbor_wr.h [code]
 CBOR Write functions.
file  cfg.h [code]
 @ brief NCX configuration database manager
file  cli.h [code]
 command line interpreter parsing to internal val_value_t format
file  conf.h [code]
 NCX Text Config file parser.
file  def_reg.h [code]
 Definition Registry module.
file  dlq.h [code]
 dlq provides general double-linked list and queue support:
file  errmsg.h [code]
 Handles the following YANG extensions.
file  errmsg_dict.h [code]
 AVL Tree storage of Language Specific Error Messages.
file  ext.h [code]
 YANG Extension Handler.
file  getbulk.h [code]
 yumaworks-getbulk.yang data structure support
file  getcb.h [code]
 GET1 and GET2 Callback Support.
file  grp.h [code]
 YANG Grouping Statement Handler.
file  heapchk.h [code]
 Internal Heap Checking Utilities.
file  help.h [code]
 YANG help text support for CLI Print help text for various templates.
file  ipaddr_typ.h [code]
 Setup type callbacks for ip-address types.
file  json_parse.h [code]
 JSON input stream parser module.
file  json_wr.h [code]
 JSON Write functions.
file  keymap.h [code]
 YANG List Key Map APIs.
file  libncx.h [code]
 OBSOLETE collection of H file includes (not supported since 2014)
file  log.h [code]
 NCX System Logging Manager.
file  log_syslog.h [code]
 Syslog logging manager API.
file  log_util.h [code]
 Internal SYSLOG Logging support.
file  log_vendor.h [code]
 Logging manager vendor API.
file  log_vendor_extern.h [code]
 Logging manager vendor API registration.
file  ncx.h [code]
 YANG module utility functions.
file  ncx_appinfo.h [code]
 NCX Module Library Extension (Application Info) Utility Functions.
file  ncx_feature.h [code]
 NCX Module Library YANG Feature Utility Functions.
file  ncx_list.h [code]
 NCX Module Library List Utility Functions.
file  ncx_nmda.h [code]
 NMDA Data Support.
file  ncx_num.h [code]
 NCX Module Library Number Utility Functions.
file  ncx_owner.h [code]
 NETCONF Server owner registry for NMDA support.
file  ncx_str.h [code]
 NCX Module Library String Utility Functions.
file  ncx_tcp.h [code]
 NCX Module Library List TCP Connect Functions.
file  ncxconst.h [code]
 Contains NCX constants.
file  ncxmod.h [code]
 NCX Module Load Manager.
file  ncxtypes.h [code]
 YANG module data structures Many internal representations of YANG module constructs.
file  obj.h [code]
 Data Object Support.
file  obj_dict.h [code]
 Object Dictionary utilities (NOT USED) The YANG Hash for the object identifier is used as the hash key.
file  obj_errmsg.h [code]
 Handles errmsg data structures.
file  obj_help.h [code]
 Help command support for obj_template_t.
file  op.h [code]
 NETCONF protocol operations.
file  parse_util.h [code]
 XML and CBOR Parser utility functions.
file  plock.h [code]
 RFC 57517 partial lock support.
file  plock_cb.h [code]
 RFC 57517 partial lock support Data structure definition.
file  rpc.h [code]
 NETCONF protocol remote procedure call common definitions.
file  rpc_err.h [code]
 NETCONF protocol standard error definitions.
file  runstack.h [code]
 CLI run stack manager.
file  send_buff.h [code]
 Send buffer utility.
file  ses.h [code]
 NETCONF Session Common definitions module.
file  ses_msg.h [code]
 NETCONF Session Message Common definitions module.
file  sid_dict.h [code]
 Schema Item Identifier Dictionary utilities.
file  sid_file.h [code]
 YANG SID File support for ietf-sid-file.
file  sm.h [code]
 Schema Mount Handling.
file  smioid_tree.h [code]
 AVL Tree storage of SMI OID data.
file  status.h [code]
 Global error messages for status code enumerations.
file  status_enum.h [code]
 global error status code enumerations
file  support_save.h [code]
 Support Save operation handler.
file  thd.h [code]
 Thread support (for now limited to netconfd)
file  tk.h [code]
 NCX Syntax Token Handler.
file  top.h [code]
 NCX Common Top Element module.
file  tstamp.h [code]
 Timestamp utilities.
file  typ.h [code]
 Parameter Type Handler.
file  typ_userdef.h [code]
 User Defined Types.
file  val.h [code]
 Value Node Basic Support.
file  val_child.h [code]
 Value Node Child Access Support.
file  val_tree.h [code]
 AVL Tree storage of YANG List Data.
file  val_unique.h [code]
 unique-stmt tests for val_value_t node
file  val_util.h [code]
 Value Node Utilities.
file  var.h [code]
 NCX Variable Support.
file  version.h [code]
 NCX Release Train Version.
file  wr_util.h [code]
 XML and CBOR Write utility functions.
file  xml_msg.h [code]
 XML and JSON Message send and receive support.
file  xml_parse.h [code]
 XML Parser functions.
file  xml_util.h [code]
 XML Utilities.
file  xml_val.h [code]
 Utility functions for creating value structs.
file  xml_wr.h [code]
 XML Write functions.
file  xmlns.h [code]
 XML namespace support.
file  xpath.h [code]
 Schema and data model Xpath search support.
file  xpath1.h [code]
 XPath 1.0 expression support.
file  xpath1_aio.h [code]
 Xpath 1.0 search support; XPath function library.
file  xpath1_cmp.h [code]
 XPath 1.0 expression support; Compare utilities.
file  xpath1_fn.h [code]
 XPath 1.0 expression support; Function library.
file  xpath1_get2.h [code]
 XPath 1.0 expression support for server GET2 callback functions.
file  xpath1_pred.h [code]
 XPath 1.0 expression support; predicate support.
file  xpath1_res.h [code]
 XPath 1.0 expression support; result support.
file  xpath_wr.h [code]
 Write an XPath expression to a session output in normalized format.
file  xpath_yang.h [code]
 YANG-specific Xpath support.
file  yang.h [code]
 YANG Module parser utilities.
file  yang_data.h [code]
 Support for RESTCONF yang-data extension.
file  yang_ext.h [code]
 YANG Module parser extension statement support.
file  yang_feature.h [code]
 YANG feature statement support.
file  yang_grp.h [code]
 YANG Module parser grouping statement support.
file  yang_hash.h [code]
 YANG Hash utilities.
file  yang_lsid.h [code]
 YANG Localized SID Assignment support.
file  yang_obj.h [code]
 YANG Module parser support for data-def-stmt.
file  yang_parse.h [code]
 YANG Module parser module.
file  yang_patch.h [code]
 YANG Patch Media Type.
file  yang_sid.h [code]
 YANG SID Assignment support.
file  yang_typ.h [code]
 YANG Module parser typedef and type statement support.
file  yangapi.h [code]
 YANG-API definitions (pre-RESTCONF)
file  yangconst.h [code]
 Contains YANG constants separated to prevent H file include loops.
file  yin.h [code]
 YIN Language Format.
file  yinyang.h [code]
 Convert YIN format to YANG format for input.
file  ypgnmi.h [code]
 YP-GNMI requests support module.