yumapro  21.10T-12
YumaPro SDK
grp.h File Reference

YANG Grouping Statement Handler. More...

#include <xmlstring.h>
#include <xmlregexp.h>
#include "ncxconst.h"
#include "ncxtypes.h"
#include "status.h"
#include "tk.h"
#include "xmlns.h"
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Data Structures

struct  grp_template_t
 One YANG 'grouping' definition – sibling set template. More...


grp_template_tgrp_new_template (void)
 Malloc and initialize the fields in a grp_template_t. More...
void grp_free_template (grp_template_t *grp)
 Scrub the memory in a grp_template_t by freeing all the sub-fields and then freeing the entire struct itself. More...
void grp_clean_groupingQ (dlq_hdr_t *que)
 Clean a queue of grp_template_t structs. More...
boolean grp_has_typedefs (const grp_template_t *grp)
 Check if the grouping contains any typedefs. More...
const xmlChar * grp_get_mod_name (const grp_template_t *grp)
 Get the module name for a grouping. More...

Detailed Description

YANG Grouping Statement Handler.