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val_unique.h File Reference

unique-stmt tests for val_value_t node More...

#include "dlq.h"
#include "ses.h"
#include "status.h"
#include "val.h"
#include "xml_msg.h"
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typedef void(* record_unique_error_t) (ses_cb_t *scb, xml_msg_hdr_t *msghdr, val_value_t *errval, dlq_hdr_t *valuniqueQ)
 Callback function to generate an rpc_err_rec_t and save it in the msg Use the provided error info record for <rpc-error> fields. More...


status_t val_unique_stmt_check (ses_cb_t *scb, xml_msg_hdr_t *msg, obj_template_t *obj, val_value_t *parent, val_value_t *firstval, val_value_t *root, record_unique_error_t error_fn)
 Check for the proper uniqueness of the tuples within the set of list instances for the specified node. More...

Detailed Description

unique-stmt tests for val_value_t node